Miss Representation: the Horrific Effect of Society's Body Image on Women

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I strongly agree with you on this. First of all, let me introduce myself. I am an Asian girl who was raised up in China and currently study at Penn State Abington. After reading your article, I went and watched 'Miss Representation' film, looked at those women and thought about those statistics according to 'Miss Representation', I am depressed as a woman. How can this world be so strict with women? '78 percent of 17-year-old girls are dissatisfied with their bodies.' 

A lot of friends of mine, they eat weight loss pills of questionable source which is harmful to their bodies in order to keep themselves slim. A guy from high school was being judgemental and disrespectful and called my friend pig nose, she had a mental teardown in front of her mother. A few days after, she bought a ticket to Japan and had her plastic surgery done. The International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion people would be online by the end of the year. American teenagers spend a great of time on mass media every week.

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It impacts young people’s personality development and shapes society, politics, national discourse, and the image of gender and sex. Young people grow up seeing ideal stunner by photoshopping and being more judgmental on female bodies than knowing them in person. Advertisers get benefits from the misrepresentation. Most media earn their revenues from eye-catching advertising which contain violence, sex, and profanity by sensitive images of perfect S curve female body. It pushes the total revenue, purchasing desire and demand for skincare, body care products, luxury cars, whatever makes people more attractive. 

Under being affected by these, most of the women care about their appearances more than trying to be a better person. Women’s participation in the workforce and politics remains relatively low, and women still are expected to perform all household, child-rearing activities, and be caregivers instead of trying to become leaders, CEOs, or politicians due to the misreprestation of women. It's important to mention that after the industrial revolution, women started to participate in the labor force, however, what comes to the next is the inequity. For instance, female police officers are harder to be appreciated than male officers even if they did a better job, pink-collar workers gain lower salaries, married men usually get higher pay than married women etc. Last but not least, I can see the power of girl is awakening from Snow White to Mulan. Especially Asian woman gets to play Mulan in a Hollywood movie, and Asian women don’t have to be like Madama Butterfly on the screen. I am surprised that there is such a great film in the United States. I appreciate that you wrote this article. It is such a great awakening.  

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