Mission Statement: Examples of Future Success

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-These quotes help represent the way life should be lived and act as a great example to those willing to change their every day to work towards a goal.

-I am a proud citizen of South Africa; we are a one-of-a-kind country in which diversity is the key to unity. South Africa is amongst the most diverse countries in the world as one culture is constantly learning from others which allows us to adapt and change quickly.

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– Another big cause that I as an individual believe in is environmental sustainability. This is a major issue in our everyday community as nature is being destroyed constantly. Although I do believe in development, there has to be a balance in which land is also being reserved for wildlife.

-In SA we have problems with equality which comes in many forms. Overall everyone is equal and they deserve a chance to express their opinion. By voicing our opinion, feelings can be expressed and change can be made to achieve equality.

– When creating my mission statement, another important factor to keep in mind is my family. My entire family including my extended need to be thought about as there are always ways to improve to make them more proud and happy.

• Nelson Mandela is a person who has the biggest influence on me as he learned to put his differences aside to fight for the greater good of his country.

• The Taj Mahal is of great value to me as I am a Hindu. It has great religious value in my culture and amazing history behind it.


• –

• My quotes were referenced from the site above. The reason for choosing these quotes is that they help reflect on one’s life and teach those to understand life better.

• My citizenship, family, and sustainability help to express me as a person. These factors represent what I stand for!

• Lastly, my role model and place of interest form a part of my life as they allow me to carry the core values that I have learned and apply them in everyday life.

Mission Statement:

• Cognitive- My cognitive goal is to achieve better results in the academic year of 2019, rather than learning to pass, I would rather learn to absorb to improve my marks. I aspire to be a hard worker and that is my mission in the future.

• Physical- My physical goal in the future is to start being more active and develop my fitness level. I aspire to be a great athlete competing at the top level of competition.

• Social- My social life is very different from others. I am an open person only to those closest to me. I wish to be more approachable in the future and open myself up to everyone and have an open mindset rather than judge a person.

• Emotional- Previously, I used to hold back my feelings and feel reserved tformyself. In the future, I wish to express myself freely and let my emotions flow as if I am on a slide. This will allow me to become more emotionally stable and gain confidence.

• Spiritual- My spiritual life revolves around my religion. Overall I practice what my parents teach but in the future instead of just practicing I wish to understand the meaning of the rituals I practice. This will allow me to appreciate my religion better as well as put in 100% effort when practicing.

Company Mission statement:

-Microsoft’s corporate mission is “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” This mission statement shows that the business is all about the empowerment of people and organizations. Such empowerment is achieved through the utility of the company’s computing products.

a.) The language used in this mission statement is extremely powerful and acts as motivation. Words like “empower “and “planet” helps us understand the purpose as well as whom the statement is directed at. They state their future goals which are actually in the best interest of their customers. Therefore targeting them forms a sense of trust.

b.)This statement will resonate with some people but might not agree with others. The powerful words will catch the attention of those who are motivated to work and achieve a greater goal, meanwhile, people who are lazy and do not have the drive to put in the effort will find this statement pointless.

c.) Empowerment- The word “empower” makes a direct reference to empowering others to push their boundaries to reach their full potential.

Achieving your goals- This Company encourages people to reach their goals. The word “achieve” helps us understand that the company companies is to help the consumer realize that they must push themselves to reach their goals.

d.)Yes, this mission statement will resonate with everyone with the drive to push their boundaries including those around the world. The word “planet” helps us to understand that this statement is directed at the whole world instead of a specific group of people. 

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