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Mistakes to Avoid While Building a Great Website

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Website making can be fun and easy at the same time but the real challenge comes in making it usable and user-friendly. Even the most experienced designers make mistakes, as they are humans too. It’s not just about using nice images and writing great content. A good web design can make or break your company’s image. Not just the design but also navigation system and functions of your website are the important factors. All you have got is a maximum of 6 seconds to make an impression. Before starting building a new website, ask basic questions to yourself:

  1. The aim of the website
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. How to drive traffic to the website

There are numerous websites out there telling you “how to build a great website” but here we are going to tell you “what to avoid while building a website. ”Not Adding Call To Action

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Each website has a purpose to fulfill. You may want people to subscribe, download, register or follow you on your website. Additionally, if you do not use the proper call-to-action button, all your practice will go in vain.

More than 3 seconds to load

As impatient as people are offline, they are even more impatient online. They expect fast results online. Visitors don’t wait till your site loads, they have many sites in a row to compare it with others and you don’t want to be the neglected one because of the speed of your website. 47% of visitors expect the page to load in 2 seconds. Do not use images that are not optimized for the web. Avoid too many background images and textures. (Doesnot mean you have to put yellow lettering on a green background). And the list is never-ending. You have to decide what suits your website the best and design it accordingly.

Too many links opening new windows

This is the first step towards bad user experience. Even if they would want to go back to the previous page, thanks to your design they would not have the “back” button. Also opening multiple windows causes painful navigation and lessens the bandwidth, affecting the speed of the device and ruining the complete online experience. Automatic playing of Videos and music. If there is a music or video playing as soon as I land on a page, I hit the back button. I might be searching something related to my work, or something really serious that doesn’t really compliment the music or video if something disturbs my process, I’m ought to leave! Nobody wants to see your explainer video without asking for it. Do put videos of your company’s promo but put a play button to it, so that the visitor can play it if he/she is willing to.

Do Not Forget About Social Media

Social media has become one of the fastest ways to provide information. This is the reason your website needs a well social media presence. Social media is the new way to reach potential clients and customers. Your website is not secureYou see the httpS on the URL? That defines the security of your website. 84% users avoid the sites that are not secure for which impact the sales. Does not matter if your site not based on e-commerce, if you are asking users to fill in their email ids, phone numbers, your site has to be secure. HTTPS sites load faster the HTTP, and these sites are more likely to be ranked higher. HTTPS has been an SEO factor in Google’s ranking algorithm since 2014.

No search box

If your site had more than 10 pages, it would be a good idea to put a search box in your design. If you have an e-commerce site, the search box is a must. Sites like Amazon, Flipkart has prominent search boxes as soon as a visitor comes on the site, so that user does not have to see all that Amazon has to offer but can directly search for what the user is actually looking for. Search box makes the website so much easier to use.


Follow these steps while creating a website to make the user experience more significant. Let us know in the comment section if you have come across any challenges while creating a website.


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