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This story about The Five People You Meet In Heaven started in an amusement park with a sad beginning. The amusement park was named Ruby Pier, which is a remarkable attraction for all walks of life. Eddie, who is an 83-year-old maintenance worker at Ruby Pier, was crushed by a passenger cart and died today as he wanted to save a young girl. After death, Eddie went to heaven which looks as same as Ruby Pier, and met five people. All of them are the crucial part of his life, the Blue Man, the Captain, Ruby, his wife Marguerite and Tala. Every one of them had a significant role in Eddie’s life and they helped Eddie to understand the true meaning of his life and they explained his entire life to him.

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The most impressive scene is when Eddie met the fourth person who is his wife Marguerite. Marguerites were the only woman Eddie ever loved. Although Marguerite put up with a lot of Eddie’s bad behaviors and emotional distance, Eddie still loved her very much. When Eddie saw her in Heaven, he had an emotional outburst as he missed her so much. Marguerite passed away when she was 47 years old because of cancer. Eddie told Marguerite that he wanted to spend more time with her on Earth, but Marguerite explained, “Lost love is still love, Eddie. It takes a different form, that’s all.” The romantic relationship between Eddie and Marguerite is touching as they love each other but they cannot live together until they die. I hope that I also have a relationship like Eddie and Marguerite as I want to have someone that cares about my anytime. Significant others are crucial in our lives as they will accompany us and overcome the hardship together. We also can learn something from them.

My favorite sentence in the book is “The world is full of stories, but stories are all one.” and Mitch Albom used this sentence to end a chapter. I know that everyone has their own story and meets different people in life. I think that our stories are connected as we all live in the same world and we have our meaning to live in there. It is like the “Trueman Show” which is a movie that was published in 1998. The movie talks about a man’s whole life as a nonstop TV show and the main character does not realize that. His hometown is a huge studio set by a visionary producer. His life is planned to meet someone or to happen something. I think the sentence and the movie are the same meaning. The people we meet and the things that happen in our lives have their meaning and it has already been planned. In the end, we will find out the whole connection between our lives and the meaning of our lives.

In my view, heaven is a virtual world that we have never seen in real life. I thought that heaven was a fantastic place as I could have anything I wanted here. However, this book told me that the true meaning of heaven is to show the meaning of your life. The first person, who inspired me, is Eddie’s Captain from the Vietnam War. While the war, Eddie and his soldiers were captured by enemy troops. During that time, they were held in captivity and forced to work in a coal mine. One night, Eddie distracted the enemy troops by using his juggling skills, and then they escaped. The soldiers burned down the village. When the village was burning, Eddie saw a shadow in the burning hut. He was very worried about that but he could not move as the captain shot Eddie’s leg, however, Eddie did not know that as he thought the injury was shot by the enemies. Eddie was charged due to his leg injury. This story told me that while we immerse ourselves in pain and just complain about things, we will ignore the intriguing things in our lives. When negative emotions occupy our brain, on the contrary, we will lose more.

I also had this kind of experience. When I had a poor result in my English examination, I was depressed and resented why I did it so bad. All in my mind was a negative feeling and I treated my friends with evil words. When my friends came and wanted to cheer me up, I told them to get off my way as they were annoying me. My actions and words hurt them but I did not note it. My negative emotions had adverse effects on my friends. At that moment, I thought I did not have any faults. We will not note or admit our faults when we are alive since we think we do nothing wrong. But we should understand that no one is perfect. In the book, the captain said, “Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else.” It is just like the captain sacrificed his life for his teammates and Eddie. Sacrifice is not as bad as we think if it helps others. God takes something from you and he will give you something. After I knew I was wrong, I apologize to my friends and they said that they understood me. The gift that God gives back to me is I know how to control my emotions wisely and I need to learn how to treat my friends in the right ways. Every one of things has two sides and all we need is to hold an optimistic attitude to everything as what lives do you want depending on what attitude you use.

The second person that attracts me is Ruby – the Ruby of Ruby Pier. Eddie had never heard of Ruby before, however, Ruby told him her husband loved her very much so he bought an amusement park for her. It seems that there is no connection between Eddie and Ruby as they did not know each other. However, the most important part of this story is Ruby’s need to explain the relationship between Eddie and his father. Eddie had a bad relationship with his father as Eddie thought his father treated him awfully and he thought his father had ruined his whole life. He put his finger on his father when there were bad things happened to him. They did not speak to each other for years on end. Everything changed after Ruby told the truth to Eddie. Ruby showed Eddie how his father died, which is his father tried to save a man’s life, and at that time Eddie realized how great his father was. He regretted that he showed anger towards his father.

Ruby said, “Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside.” I agree with this statement. I have a thing that I regret. I met a person, who calls Jojo and we had been a friend before. We shared ups and downs and we lean a helping hand to each other when one was in need or had problems. We knew each other very well and I was pleased to have her. However, in one examination, I saw that she cheated and I did not accept it as she was a clever and honest girl. I asked her why and she answered me she had no choice but to do so as. I did not understand since if she had any problems, she would tell me and we could fix them together. She could not choose this method to solve the problem. We separated because this thing happened. After that, I labeled her as a “Bad girl” and I did not like her anymore. When there were some bad happened, I would think about her at first. But I was told that Jojo quit school because of depression and she suffered from this mental illness because her parents gave too much pressure on her academics. At this point, I realized that I blamed her wrongly and I wanted to take my words back but everything cannot be changed now. I want to change this attitude. I should listen to Jojo’s explanation and try to understand her actions. I understand Eddie’s feelings in the book and we should not treat someone with our prejudice as no one is meaningless and no one is bad at the beginning. When we hate someone, we also hurt ourselves at the same time. We should learn how to forgive others since life conditions will change a person and everyone has his or her reasons to do one thing. We will meet different people from different characteristics or cultures so they have different habits and we do not know what they face before we meet them so we need to accept their situation and their actions.

In conclusion. I have a lesson that our lives are never meaningless as long as we have hope and dreams. We also need to understand death is not a terrible thing as our death is to keep another person alive and how important we are to others. The five people you meet in heaven bring different inspirations to readers and I think this book is thought-provoking. You can see the world through others’ eyes as everyone has different perspectives, different experience, and come from different backgrounds.   

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