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Mix-Gender Education and Single-Gender Education

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Nowadays, there is a widespread belief that education is the primal problem that people are facing. Education plays a big role in the development of a country and the vital processes in society. It can be perceived, education may help you to become a useful member of this society, it allows you to keep up with all the changes in the world today. According to an article that was published by Mohamed Reda. Australia, the United States, and Japan, these countries have the highest literacy rates, citizens also have a high per capital income. Which raised to the reverse side of those underdeveloped countries are still living below the poverty line. In today’s society, every student who has finished college has to face fierce competition in the workplace. Whether you could be admitted to the company depends entirely on your level of education. Therefore, education can give us not only knowledge but also our future.

Public schools, International schools, and Private schools etc. are the common schools that we study in today. Each of them has their own way to teach or to supervise. Mix schools and boys-only schools and girls-only schools are two categories in these types of schools. It usually happened in private school, girls and boys have to study in separate areas. Do students learn better in single-gender school is one of the questions that parent s will come up while they are choosing schools for their children. Choosing whether single-gender education or mix gender education have disadvantages and advantages. Either one of them have their own way to emulate and influence a child’s future as well. Choosing which types of schools could be denied as the most important of a child’s life, it often depends on how parents want their children to be educated and how they perceive themselves.

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In general, it could say that biggest difference between mixed-gender education and single-sex schools is the students. The choice of school is inseparable from the future of a student. Whether parents choose the coed schools and single-sex schools for their children, theses two types of schools have their advantages and disadvantages. Speaking generally, the biggest difference between coed schools and mix-gender schools is the students.

According to an article written by Crystal Ayres, coed schools offer school diversity to students. In this case, students are more receptive to the society and more comfortable with their upbringing than the students that study in mix-gender schools. They will be in touch with cultural and social earlier, and it will be more easier to them to adapt different environment and develop their social skills. People find out that students who were not educated in coed schools could be hard to them to socialize with other gender since the single-sex schools couldn’t create a diversity environment for the students. In the opposite size, students who begun to adapt to how to get along with people of different genders, often act very familiar and comfortable in front of people of different genders, and it also helps them get along better with people with different personalities after they leave school. Learning how to communicate with people is necessary to everyone. If a student is learning how to process that from an early age, it can help them a lot when they go to a university or workplaces with members of the opposite genders, since both genders have their own way to expressing themselves. It is exactly what a coed school can able to offer students.

Educators that work in single-sex schools believe that students in coed schools are not so academically in performances. Because two genders being in the same room can lead to shyness or intimidation to some students, it also makes them feel uneasy and inferiority complex, so they couldn’t perform very well. Students have less confidence at schools is a common thing that happen in coed schools. Distraction and early relationship are the most common things to happen in a coed school. It is more possibly to happen in college or high schools, that boys and girls might not be able to concentrate on studies, Schools create an environment where girls and boys can spend more time together, it could lead to a beginning of a relationship in the end. It’s also highly likely to lead to early pregnancy and early marriages. Boys in coed schools are more likely to considered to be independent and may handle all the things on their own. Girls are seen as fragile sometimes. Teachers could be hard to balanced their attention given to students. It is also a challenge to teachers.

Dr. Linda Henman, an author who sent his daughter to a single sex school had listed several benefits of an all-girls school. Being in an environment that is full of girls could make them more confident. She found out being in an all-girls school can caused less distraction in class, girls would concentrate more and take part in class. Studies had proved that women and girls speak less in a mixed environment, there are often times when men have more to say, all-girls schools able to make up for that. Adolescent children are very susceptible to the opposite sex. This will have an impact on all aspects of the child. During this period, children are emotionally unstable, dating drama could exist at school, but dingle-sex schools can avoid this series of problems. There tend to be less inappropriate problem exist in all-girls environment, therefore teacher and students won’t get distracted from that. Overall, Dr. Henman states that single-sex education is better for children. The youngest speaker at CMG imPACt 2016 Women in Tech, Samaira M had made a speech about single-sex education at tech events before. Just like Dr. Henman, Samaira states that opposite gender could be a distraction for kids. “I have boys in my class that sometimes do not add but subtract from the value of the class.”

The type of environment that single-sex schools offer to students can be count against the the order of nature. The way that schools teach could be bad for some boys and girls to interact with opposite gender. Since the opposite gender will not exist at schools, their failure to learn how to relate to the opposite sex from an early age is likely to affect their future lives. Particular the workplaces, they cannot avoid contact with the opposite sex and even work together. Another drawback of single-sex education is the possibility of stereotype, where female and male will be judge and labile others easily. What caused this is they lack communication with the opposite sex and lack of correct knowledge of them. However, according to the age of them, it would not be a problem.

After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods of education, it is necessary to clearly recognize that each way of education brings different things to children. Coed schools offer communicate with the opposite sex and socialize. Single-sex schools provide a less distraction learning environment. Coed school is more focused on diversity, heterosexual relationships and communication, which can be very helpful for children’s future.Because in the days to come, there will only be more opportunities for heterosexual contact, even more of their lives. Single-sex schools can’t do that as well as coed school. There may be a small chance that some people will judge and view the opposite sex. Single-sex school can better provide a learning environment. The absence of heterosexuality may lead children to focus their attention on learning, and the existence of heterosexual. Coed school may lead to distractions in learning.

Overall, these two different way of learning are good and bad, but both help children grow up to the greatest extent in different ways. What the two ways of education bring to children is unique. Like it written before, the biggest different between these two education is students, even their parents. The choice of educational style often depends on what students and parents want. What parents want their children to learn and experience while receiving education. Education is very important to every child and is closely tied to their future. Therefore, it is very necessary to find the best to children.


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