Moana: Disney Princess of the 21st Century

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Moana: Disney Princess of the 21st Century

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Disney, a worldwide company, has a large pull of the public's ideas and views, especially young people who haven’t formed their views on the world yet. The characters Disney portrays today are whom our children want to be tomorrow. And frankly, Moana is a shining example of this.

When I watched it for the first time I could hardly believe it was Disney! From the empowering character to the defeats Moana faces I couldn’t stop watching. In fact, I would go as far to say that Moana is one of the best movies of the 21st Century. The movie has a mix of new and experienced actors. With the veteran, Dwayne Johnson is a newbie who didn’t think they were good enough called Auli’i Cravalho. Moana’s directors are obviously trying to come back from the steady flow and criticism made by parents, sponsors and news websites alike. With a Hawaiian native as the main actor, the production is already more diverse than most. The large volume of non-American actors also contributes to the overall diversity in the movie. A study in 2013 discovered that racial minority groups make up 29.4% of the speaking characters yet make up 37% of the population. Now can you name any other Disney movie with the diversity or even the idea of diversity that Moana has?

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Some believe that the movie is racist! To be honest I'm not sure how they think that. There may be some discrepancies when looking at the myths Polynesian people have but then again myths of Polynesian tribes have differences over time. Many news websites are calling parents racist to allow their children to dress up as Moana if their children aren't Polynesian. However, everything about that is wrong. You should be allowed to dress up as your heroine regardless of anything, right? Especially young children. Moana is a diverse film that gave the film industry a push to movie equity that we are all aware it needs. Despite the mistakes made - because you don't make your first cake perfect - this is the best attempt. The characters are also a huge contributing factor as to why Moana is the best. Not only does she break stereotypes but she doesn’t depend on anyone else.

Contrary to all other Disney princesses she doesn't seem to have a partner or love interest and if she does they are not the main influencing and defining person in Moana’s life. Moana is a strong and adventurous girl who loves her family - both her parents alive, a rare sight in Disney). She faces defeats many times but always finds her way back. Moana is also a great character as she defines herself to the world.

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