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Mobile Phone Facilities For English Language Teaching

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Mobile phone is a common in instrument in every hand especially in the hands of students. To be frank students have the latest mobile phone. As they are inquisitive in nature, they become expert in operating various functions of the mobile. It has been considered as a very useful tool for teaching and learning. English is a language of four skills and now these four skills can be inculcated and evaluated with the help of mobile phone. Today Mobile assisted language learning is the most powerful communication medium given richer than email or chat. Learners can control needs his/ her learning process and progress on space based on his/ her cognitive state. Mobile assisted language learning provides the opportunity for wherever and whenever learning, it means 24/7 days. It is very popular for portability and connectivity. Mobile assisted language learning is also connected with social networking due to that learners collaborate with other learners mobile devices can be connected to other devices, data collection devices. Mobile assisted language learning can be customized for individual learner; it provides tools to the teachers for learners in teaching context. It also increases students’ motivation. Even enthusiastic learners are attracted towards this mobile learning it promotes the use of English for communication.

Facilities available in mobile which can be useful for English language teaching:

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Video recording and still camera

Today, where new innovative mobile is coming in market, video recording is the must facilities available in most of the phones. Video recording plays a very important role in English language teaching what were the gestures follow during speech? Video recording is very useful in learn- work- feedback- re-plan- re-work chain which reinforces the learners to learn a language in better manner it also allows teachers to learn about the negative aspects they are delivering the speech and correct themselves forthcoming lectures. On educational tour teachers can take pictures of nature scenery landscape and after returning these pictures can be used for group discussion. Students were asked to tell their experience by using pictures. All students will take part in this activity with full of their enthusiasm and will explain their experiences. This will definitely developed the English language skill.

Another vital facility available on mobile phone is video recorder. Video excerpts of the routine activities, important events in country, excerpts of plays and movie can be downloaded from the internet and shown to the students. This will work as a useful tool for training oral skill student can be asked to watch the excerpts and may be asked to describe what they have watch it will increase the spoken skills of students.

Audio recording

Listening is the basic skill of English language. Audio recording will give necessary listening practice to learn as a foreign language. Teacher can record or download audio from internet and it can be played inside the classroom. Students will listen the audio carefully and teacher can ask questions to check their comprehension skill. It helps them to rehearse the good fluent speech and the correct and language structure in their usage. It will help them to tone up their style of speech.

Reading skill can also be tested by mobile phones. Which students will be the passage from the text and their speech will be recorded by using the mobile phone. The recorded sound can be played in front of the students and ask to identify the errors committed by him in reading the text. This will to learn correct pronunciation, voice modulation, stress and pause.

Text messages

Conversation is an important skill to be practiced in English classes. We can create learning in the classroom. By making the students to send text messages among themselves in English language only. The members should send their views in Simple sentences. The teacher collects and holds an open discussion with members in front of all the students about the mistakes of each sentence. By doing it, students learn how to organize and express their thoughts and ideas in simple language. Teacher provides necessary corrections to the students for all mistakes.

Note features

It can be used to take notes. When we come across a new word or structure and expression we can immediately save them in the mobile phone by using the note feature. In the class the teacher can ask the student to present what they have collected in they are not feature the students should be taught and encouraged to use the new words and expressions in their conversation.

Mobile dictionary

Mobile dictionary is a mobile application that provides meaning of all words. Mobile translator translates from one language to another. The application was having English and two additional languages on the device at the same time. While reading, students may come across many new words. By using the mobile dictionary, they can find out the meaning of the words. Reference work is made easy with this facility on the mobile phone.

SMS Service

Short message service and its study of text messages can be used to send out vocabulary items at spaced intervals . In circular writing, a story can be framed by students with contributing single message at a time. Each student writes a sentence or two and then sends this on to the next student, who adds another message and so on until the story is finished. The teacher has to keep an evidence of the story emerges. In addition to all these user friendly services, mobile phones can be the best source for promoting and developing a better understanding.

Mobile apps

Mobile learning has become one of the main features of the process of learning and teaching a new language. Presently, there are so many English language learning apps in the market. These apps help interaction with the English learning students through quizzes, games, dictionaries. These apps allow students to have a choice for when, how much time and how to learn? Whereas teachers can incorporate the “learning while playing” element into their teaching thus raising the interest of the class for a given topic. Heavy text books are replaced by smartphones or i-pads in classroom with multimedia content and e-books. As the world has entered in the era of high- tech technologies there is no doubt that an iPad or smartphone attract students more than any other technological device. There are so many educational apps available on the app store, which has become a very effective way for students. Learning a language was used to be a traditional skill which includes such as textbook and blackboard. From past two decades range of audio and video language teaching tools became available and they helped in making language learning interesting to students.


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