Mobile Phones Do not Cause Cancer

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Mobile phones started to become wildly available around the world in the 1990s, but since then, their use has drastically increased. Considering the still growing number of mobile phone users, the amount of time people spend on their mobiles has also risen throughout the decades. Mobile phones emit a form of energy know as radiofrequency waves (RF) and due to that, concerns have been raised as to whether or not phones could be dangerous to our health. Mobile phones work by sending signals to cell towers using radiofrequency waves. Similar to heat and visible light, RF waves are a non-ionizing radiation. Therefore, they do not have enough energy to damage the DNA inside cells, which would effectively cause cancer. However, at extremely high levels, RF has the ability to heat up body tissues but the energy emitted by mobile phones are much lower, and not enough to raise temperatures in the human body.

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Based on the fact that mobile phones are commonly held beside the head when people are using them, the main area of worry amongst people were whether they might contribute to the development of tumours. For example, brain tumours and neck tumours. As stated earlier, RF waves that are transmitted from mobile phones does not have enough power to cause damage to the DNA or to heat up body tissues. Due to this, it is not clear as to how mobiles might be able to cause cancer. If it were true, there would have been a substantial and noticeable increase in brain cancer/tumours over the past decade as the usage of mobile phones has heightened. However, there has been no noticeable inflation. There have been many articles and studies correlating with health and mobile phone use, all of which have either found a weak link that could be easily explained or no link at all. Based on these studies the Cancer research organization have classified mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic. ” Carcinogenic meaning, having the potential to cause cancer. Possibly carcinogenic sounds like the cancer research organisation are classifying as to how much cancer mobile phones may cause, but in reality it is classifying whether mobile phones cause cancer at all.

The reality of all this is that scientists have been impotent to find a mechanism by which mobile phones could have the prospect to cause health problems in the first place. We have been told that it is a non-ionizing form of energy and therefore does no damage to the DNA inside of our cells, but studies have informed us that such a small about of heat would have no ill effects on the human body.

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