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Mobile Racking Systems for Business

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Mobile racking installations consist of pallet or cantilever racking which is usually mounted on a mobile base. Most systems are equipped with motors. The racking is guided by a rail and can be moved wherever a racking aisle is required. New storage space can be created using this method by saving nine to ten aisles. Over the years due to the contribution of many designers the system has attained a high degree of operational capability and a considerable reduction in the number of aisles has been achieved. This also has reduced the price of the system considerably.

Mobile racking system can be controlled locally via remote control or even individually. Most have photo electric cells, these cells are activated as a safety measure in case of an emergency. The racking installations for the mobile racking system are supplied and accumulated according to the directives of warehouse installations and appliances. After installation, necessary tests are performed to check the quality following warehouse installation directives. These mobile systems require up to 40% less surface area than a traditional static system having same storage capacity.

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In most cases, mobile storage rack systems can store 85% than static systems occupying the same area. These systems not only decrease the amount of surface are occupied, but also reduces the time spent on moving to and from the shelves, improving retrieval times. Most mobile storage rack manufacturer offer to make their system premium with fast moving speed. A good manufacturer should ensure that the system has an automated locking and unlocking facility. The storage position should be directly accessible and travel shorter distances.

Mobile storage rack manufacturer must ensure that the electric motor installed in the system consumes less electricity and the operating and cleaning costs are minimum. These systems can also be installed at new and existing buildings, unlike traditional static system which may not install well in new buildings. The space saving solution provided in mobile rack systems can be customized for individual needs. The wheels are usually made up of sheet metal profiles and are operational up to-30° C. The guide rails and running rails along with the wheels, which are under poured with shrink-free mortar, offer maximum security. In a good mobile rack system, the wheels must be levelled with the most up to date technology.

There are several companies offering different types mobile storages racking systems. If you want to purchase any mobile rack system, you must collect all the necessary information. Always choose a product which is reasonably priced and offers efficient service, because the budget is an important factor.


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