A Mysterious Personality of Mobius Physicist

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Newton and Einstein have faked their madness in order to spy on Mobius, Who Is The Most Brilliant Physicist Alive. Newton and Einstein are secret agents that both come from different countries and organizations which have ordered them to bring back the secrets of physics and nuclear weapons Mobius possesses and perhaps even bring back Mobius. Mobius, afraid that his findings will be exposed to the outside which will lead to destruction of the world, fakes his madness as well in order to stay inside the sanatorium and keep his work safe. Mobius believes that mankind is not ready to encounter the new ideas he has discovered and thus the world will lead to chaos. On the other hand, Newton believes Mobius’s work should be revealed to the world since he believes in the freedom of science, as physicists Newton thinks they need to advance their knowledge and thrive for new developments with no responsibility, whether humanity turns that into chaos is humanities problem. Einstein believes that the work should be revealed but in favor of only one side that gets ahold of the knowledge and power.

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I understand everyone’s point of view but I mostly agree with Newton. I feel that the chaos that might happen can be avoided by giving everyone equal knowledge of the new developments. The problem after that can be solved on its own through negotiating or from other solutions. I can relate this to the world today, both North Korea and the United states possess nuclear weapons that can cause damage to each other’s countries but that problem has been resolved after a meeting with both presidents. Mobius’ plan will not work because there will come a time in the future when a new genius is born and that genius will eventually discover what Mobius was trying to hide. It is better to make the right decision now than for it to fall in the hands of someone evil. As physicists they deserve to be free with their research and further find new discoveries and advance the world’s knowledge. It is not the physicist’s job to decide whether the world will fall into chaos, if the world decides to turn the knowledge into chaos it is the world’s duty to resolve its own issues.

Newton is right to preserve the freedom of science. I also disagree with Einstein because giving a certain group of people the knowledge and power that other people don’t have will certainly lead to more bad things than good. The best chance they have at avoiding conflict is by going with New- ton’s idea, by opening the new horizons of physics more developments and discoveries will be made and during that process a solution can also be found. As humans we can’t hide new discoveries forever, the world keeps on advancing and all the mysteries will be solved eventually. By sharing new information and discoveries we can advance altogether and work together for the better. In the event that Newton’s decision did lead to chaos that means it would have happened anyway in the future.

New discoveries are being made every day and people have to make these kinds of decisions, hiding them will only lengthen the inevitable. It was extremely hard for me to pick who I agreed with most and I can surely say I agree with all of them. What got me to make my decision was the events that had happened recently around the world. South Korea and North Korea have decided to make peace with each other and the same goes for North Korea and USA. Both countries went from threatening each other to resolving their own issues without violence. In this world conflict is inevitable, and we keep advancing. New problems and conflicts will always emerge and it is our responsibility as humans to solve them.

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