Summary of the Plot and Characters from the Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine

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Summary of the Plot and Characters from the Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine

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I read Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. This is a story about a girl with Asperger’s disease, in her hunt closure. After her brother’s death. She tries many things but does not succeed until she realizes closure is not an object, but a feeling. This is a truly inspiring story.

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The setting

This story takes place in a small town in Virginia. Caitlin, the main character goes to James Madison middle school, where many of the story’s turning points happen. She lives in a town where she knows everybody. A great tragedy happens and the community needs to be brought together again.

The Characters

The main character in this story is Caitlin Smith In her life things have always been black and white, but now she sees there is something more. Caitlyn is an 11-year-old girl with Asperger’s syndrome. Caitlin loves to draw and read. The second main character is Mr. Smith, he is Caitlin’s father who helps her with many hardships. Mr. Smith tries his best to be strong with only his daughter by his side. The final main character is Mrs.Brook. Mrs. Brooke is the school counselor who spends lots of time with Caitlin. Mrs.Brooke shows patience while teaching Caitlin about feelings and social activity. As a result, Caitlin ends up making many new friends by the end of the story.


This story begins after Devon’s death. Caitlin’s brother had been killed in a school shooting. Her father is crying because of the terrible things that had happened. Caitlin just stared at a chest, Devin’s Eagle Scout project. It was unfinished. Caitlin had not believed what they had done. This event was the talk of the town. Caitlyn did not like it. She was brought into crowds and people always would talk about it, making everyone even sadder. The next day Caitlin went to her school. Her teacher left after the shooting. SO, she met her new 5th-grade teacher, Ms.Johnson. Mrs.Johnson told Caitlin she would have to talk to Mrs. Brooke during recess and have Recess later with the 1st graders. Caitlin walked around the playground with Mrs.Brooke. She spoke about looking at people while speaking and how to spot a happy person. Caitlin struggled with both of these subjects. She makes a friend with a first grader named Michael. Michael’s mother was also killed in the shooting. Caitlin shows her first signs of sympathy to him. They play every day. Other kids, Caitlin does not like as much. Such as Josh. Josh is too wild for Caitlin, and his cousin killed Devon, Michaels mother and himself. She always avoids him. One day, Caitlin’s class had to read to the younger kids. She really wanted to read with Michael, but she didn’t Josh did. This infuriated her. She screamed very angrily. This made the girl she read to cry. Caitlin was even more annoyed by this. She left to see her father. He took her home. She talked to Mrs.Brooke and she said they needed closure. She then looked up closure in her dictionary. It meant to put something to rest or end it. She immediately thought of Devon’s chest. She needed to finish it. She begged her father he said they weren’t ready until a few weeks later he agreed to. They went to Lowe’s and bought hinges. They soon finished the chest but she still felt incomplete. She did not know how she could make her family and community whole again.

Plot Resolution

The next day she went to a ceremony. They were remembering her brother. And everyone else who died in the “Virginia Dare Shooting” Here she realized other people had been affected, not just her. She saw her neighbors, her classmates, and her family. She realized she could find closure through fixing her community. She went to an open house for her middle school, Virginia Dare Middle school. She met the art teacher and drew a portrait of him to give to him. He was confused by the lack of colors. “They will only mess it up” she replied. She felt colors were messy and hard to figure out. Soon enough, summer came. They had a community picnic. She saw all her friends, even! She felt safe and happy. She identified her feelings. SHe even saw her art teacher! He gave her a gift, It was a set of colored pastels. She took it happily. She realized life’s colors could be beautiful. She found closure.


I really loved this book. I recommend it to all 6th graders. It has many emotions in it. She navigates herself through a very hard time with her family and community by her side. She walked through a hard situation triumphantly. She is an inspiration to all. This is an amazing book.

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