Modern Consumerism: the Locavore Movement

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The advocates of the locavore movement can extend from being just concerned about the number of miles the food traveled to being involved into the ethical value of their food including the production process which emits the most greenhouse gas according to the chart in Source D. Not to mention when the producers and consumers are more familiar and physically closer, there will be more opportunities to ask the producer about the production process and its efficiency.

Instead of viewing this movement as difficult, it is a great opportunity to engage and educate our community on what is local foods, what produce is in seasons, how to start our own farms, and more ways to be socially responsible consumers.

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Organic products are often shipped with more distance between the producer and consumer which rejects that the common conception that organic produce arrayed in the supermarket is somehow better for our health and environment. Therefore, it also implies that transportation and the distance the locavore movement minimalizes still has an effect and should not be easily dismissed nor neglected. 1.) Not only will our community solely benefits from more employment opportunities for farms, but other businesses in the area will benefit from more individuals having money to spend and in turn creates the demand overall. With more money circulating in our community, it will create a robust as well as a stable local economy.

Without supporting these local farmers, they will be unable to compete with the larger farms located in other countries. However, when there is no access to these local businesses and residents continue to rely on products that are shipped from long distances, this is not an advantage in terms of growing our community’s economy but for the economy of other countries.

The question arises if our community would care enough to voluntarily purchase locally-grown foods; however, this is a clear indication of the movement being viewed as more prominent as the generation is moving towards a more health-conscious one. With this, there is a sense of assurance that the locavore movement will be a continuing trend and rewarding for the economy as a whole. 1.) Locavore is essentially this concept in action since unlike the standard store-bought produce, locally-grown produce has the ability and advantage to be picked and directly shipped within days or even hours before it is bought. This ensures that they are picked when they are the tastiest and in the healthiest form.

When produce naturally contains disease-fighting nutrients, it is counterintuitive when there is a possibility of contamination. Opportunities of bioterrorism increase with more steps it takes before it is distributed into different supermarket branches, not to mention opportunities for unintentional contamination.

There is a significant increase in childhood obesity not only in our community but also as a country; therefore, taking these measures is crucial for the future health of our community’s younger generations.

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