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Modern Education in NEM New Zealand

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Soon after NEM New Zealand announced a collaboration with Mana Labs on 25th July, the smart asset blockchain platform on 26th July declared that they will be forming yet another partnership with Enspiral Dev Academy. NEM New Zealand’s collaboration announcement with Enspiral Dev Academy | Source: Twitter The NEM foundation is an international organization whose aim is to bolster the use of NEM blockchain and distributed ledger technology to universities, government organizations, businesses, software developers and end users. The foundation, the inventors of the XEM cryptocurrency had recently declared the launch of two new additions of blockchain hubs, one in Australia and the other in New Zealand. The hubs were introduced to aid in education and further knowledge in blockchain technology.

Enspiral Dev Academy is New Zealand’s sole, full immersion boot camp program that allows engagement with industry professionals and graduates effectively becoming work-ready programmers within a short time frame. Their educational program centers around full stack JavaScript with ES5/6/7, Node.js, React, Redux, Express.js, Object-oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Relational databases, HTML5, CSS3, along with pair programming, agile, unit testing, end-to-end testing and test-driven development. The NEM New Zealand and Enspiral Dev Academy tie-up will involve a ‘Blockchain Partners Program’. The partnership seeks to develop a short-term blockchain program that current students, as well as alumni, can enroll themselves into. The program also aims to provide avenues to the academy’s students to engage with NEM’s $100 million Community Fund in order to fully utilize the NEM platform. In addition, the partnership seeks to provide training and access to resources that would help academicians in understanding blockchain technology.

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Dalaney Davis, NEM New Zealand’s leader who will be spearheading the project [on NEM New Zealand’s official Medium blog] said: “There is a need to support NEM blockchain companies and Enspiral Dev Academy has had a long history in training people that are passionate about coding.” He further added: “Their existing programme can take someone with very little coding experience to a level in which they can contribute to a commercial software development team and we are hoping this collaboration will add value to the New Zealand ecosystem.” The CEO of Enspiral Dev Academy, Rohan Wakefield says: “Enspiral Dev Academy aims to make tech the biggest exporter of Aotearoa. We see emerging tech such as blockchain catalysing innovation and enabling our businesses to grow beyond our borders.” He went on to say: “We are excited to have the support of NEM in the development of blockchain education, and to be producing more local technical talent for our growing innovation sector.”

Rohan concluded by saying that blockchain will be of crucial importance to the future of technology-based industries and Enspiral Dev Academy would want to see New Zealand at the forefront of employing the opportunities that blockchain will create. SeedTheChangeNZ, a Twitter user commented “Nice work gang!”


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