Molecular Interaction Study of of Allyl Amine and Ethanol

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This paper uses non destructive ultrasonic techniques to study the molecular interaction in the binary mixture of Allyl amine with 2-methoxy ethanol. Ultrasonic velocity (U) , density (ρ) viscosity (η) for the binary liquid mixtures of, 2-methoxy ethanol with Allyl aminehave been measured for 2MHz ultrasonic frequency at 303 K. Computation of the various acoustic parameters such as acoustic impedance (Z), The adiabatic compressibility (βad),intermolecular free length (Lf) , relaxation time (τ) and relative association (RA) helps to explained the solute-solvent molecular interaction. 

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The OH and C=O groups are important in the study of hydrogen bonding. Experimental values of ultrasonic velocities of the mixture are compared with S.M.rule ,U rao, U ir, Vandeel and Nomatto. Rao’s constant with mole fraction at constant temperature have been studied. The values of ultrasonic velocity computed by various theories shows deviations from experimental values. The limitations and approximations incorporated in these theories are responsible for it.The Results are interpreted in terms of molecular interaction between the components of the mixtures.

Physicochemical properties plays important role in relation to biological activities and drug action Intermolecular interaction helps and support the discovery team for proper drug action.[1].Intermolecular interactionin various binary liquid mixtures at room temperature and different temperatures has been studied by several authors[2-3]. The flora and gradation of molecular interactions in different solutions depends upon the nature of solvent,solute-solvent,solvent-solvent interaction, the structure of solute molecule and extent of solutes taking place in the solution [4].

Amines are among the most valuable classes of compounds in chemistry, omnipresent in natural products, in particular alkaloids, and widely used as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and lubricants.[5,6]Cream or pills made from Allylamine is used as antifungal medicine for the treatment of skin and scull ringworm.. This Amine is used to make antibiotic, diuretic and sedative medicines.

Methoxy ethanol is used mainly as solvent for many different purposes such as varnishes, dyes, and resins. [7]Basically ultrasonic velocity is fundamentally related to the bonding forces between the constituents of the medium.Ultrasonic velocity has been a subject of active interest during a recent past[8,9]The acoustic behaviour and physical properties ofseveralamine in their binary mixtures are already reported.[10] However, studies in regard tothe determination of densities, viscosities,and refractive indices of the binary liquidmixtures of Allyl amine and 2-methoxy ethanol at room temperature K are still lacking.Ultrasonic study of binary liquid mixtures has significantly important role in understanding intermolecular interaction between the component molecules and find application in pharmaceutical and medical industries. An attempt has been made to study the molecular interactions in the mixture of allyl amine with 2 Methoxy ethanol at 303 K.

In the present study allyl amine and 2-Methoxy Ethanol is of AR grade were procured from Across, Qualigen, Merck and S.D. fine chemical, Mumbai respectively and used without further purification. Samples of solution with different mole fractions of allyl amine in 2-Methoxy Ethanol were prepared. The density (ρ), viscosity (η) and ultrasonic velocity (U) of pure components and their mixtures were measured using pycknometerOstwald’s viscometer and ultrasonic frequency interferometer model No. M-83 provided by Mittal Enterprises, New Delhi India, respectively.acoustic parameters were computed using following relation.

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