Mom as the Most Influential Person in My Life

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What can one say about their mom? My mom without a doubt is my favorite person in the whole world who I by far admire the most. There are plenty of reasons behind this including her sacrifices she makes in order to keep my sister and I happy, the unconditional love and her inner strength and courage makes not only my world but everyone’s world a better place. She is like a rose blooming in a garden, so beautiful and tough at the same time. My mother always reminds me of fresh clean laundry, the feeling is so pleasant with a sweet fragrance.

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I was four years old when my parents divorced. Since then my mom has always made tons of sacrifices for my sister and I just so she can see us be happy. She took on a huge role as a mom alone and raised us mostly on her own to make us who we are today.

My moms big pearly white smile does a lot of magic and her eyes such a deep blue, you could almost drown in them. Her smile can drive all my worries away and be the reason of mine. Each time when she hugs me I feel like her arms are the safest place in this whole world.

One day when I received a bad grade on my physics test I got really upset about it. When I came home my mom knew that something was wrong. The sadness in my eyes felt like a giant wave holding me down at the bottom of the ocean. When I told my mom she responded with “no one learns to fail easily but this one test won’t hurt you in the future I promise”. Hearing my mom say that made a huge gray muggy cloud over my head vanish. Knowing she wasn’t disappointed in me brought a warm smile to my face.

My moms passion for being a nurse is unbelievable. She works at alexian brothers hospital and always looks forward to working. Whenever my sister and I are ill she always calls into work and stays home making sure we had the best care. Her homemade remedies that are passed down from my grandma always are the key to help us feel a lot better. Her passion and generosity for helping and caring for others is unimaginable.

Everybody has one influential person in their life and my mother is the most influential person in my life whom I admire. Because of her I am the person I am today and has always been a jewel that I will treasure and praise for the rest of my life.           

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