"Moms Demand Action" and a Changes in Gun Laws

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“Moms Demand Action” And a Changes in Gun Laws

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Public Service Announcements are messages made to inform and brings awareness to the public based on a specific issue; these announcements are helpful in gathering a community’s attention pertaining to social affairs that involve the people’s safety. Gun control is defined as restricting or regulating the access, sale, and possession of firearms. In the United States, gun control has been ongoing problem on whether these types of weapons should be completely banned from the country because of the damaged it has created. Gun laws in America are progressively indulgent compared to other developed and affluent countries. It is not merely a deliberation between politicians, but also a discussion amongst families due to the explicit and incidental impact it has had in the community. In the campaign “Choose One” by Moms Demand Action, a non-profit organization that is committed to reforming gun regulations, illustrates a piece above that indicates the appeal of ethos, logos, and pathos on the regulation of gun control laws by addressing the public about the situation that is unceasing. The purpose is also to identify the keys elements that engage in gun control and how the image can manifest the viewer’s perspective on gun reform.

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The non-profit organization depicts the use of gun control within the image by giving an assault rifle to a Caucasian girl on the right, while the African-American girl on the left holds an illustrated book of Little Red Riding Hood by Trina Schart Hyman, which evidently has been banned in schools. In bright red, the picture questions viewers to “Guess Which One” and assume which object has been prohibited in America for the protection of children’s safety. Additionally, underneath the image, a text is written which states, “We keep ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ out of schools because of the bottle wine in her basket. Why not assault weapons?” The artist appeals to ethos to the intended audience which can be presumed as parents, school administration, educators, or an individual that is associated with children at any given time. In the lower right corner of the illustration, it states “Moms Demand Action” which reveals to the viewers that the message derives from a credible and legitimate organization. Furthermore, it advocates that significance of their theme by displaying how serious the organization is in improving laws for assault weapons.

The organization heavily depends on its appeal to pathos to convey the message of the restriction of firearms. The two children without the added objects can be symbolized as pure and innocent, but including an assault rifle to the image changes the meaning behind a child’s chastity; it demonstrates violence and destruction. In variance to the rifle, an illustrated children’s book is displayed to present the same notion of how the two objects are supposed or have affected the children’s safety. This distinction invokes various emotions of exasperation, confusion, and dismay to the intended viewer. It also incites them to consider the importance of gun control and compare which of the two objects is the most appropriate option in terms of prohibition. The bright bold red text also enforces the audience to compose astute decisions in a swift manner and the color could also signify a parallel to blood. If a child acquires access to guns, then the result could end catastrophically. The dull brown shade in the background creates the children as a centerpiece and makes them appear brighter as it draws the viewer’s attention; the two girls’ faces distinctly show they are melancholy which peaks the audience’s curiosity. The artist incorporates various styles of imagery to create an atmosphere of shock and disconsolation that encompasses within the illustration of gun control. These characteristics surrounding the image represents the different reasons to ban guns or generate rules to manage them appropriately.

The illustrator also appeals to logos by persuading the audience through facts and logical reasoning. The statement on the bottom issues a fact to exhibit that an object as small as a book can be banned, but not an object that can physically injure and bring pain to people. It shows a stark contrast between the level of danger from book and an assault weapon; it also displays that prohibiting a book because of its picture is far less harmless compared to children accessing guns and rifles. The author also creates a situational irony where the outcome of “Guess which one” is supposed to be a weapon, but it is the exact opposite of the object that was expected. The language used within the image also promotes the organization’s goal to administer their message. This reinforces the idea that firearms bring a type of destruction that needs to be regulated and efficiently controlled, and that the audience should be more perceptive of the harm guns can cause.

The organization, Moms Demand Action, appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos to convince viewers such as parents, teachers, family members, and the community to enforce a change in gun laws; the image is used to inform the American society of the minimal standards that are established to regulate arms amongst children. It shows that they are vigorous actions taken against a children’s book in which the same measures could be used for gun control. The artist insinuates that children are able to obtain assault weapons instantly because of the lack ordinance. They communicate with vivid images and strong language how an absence of regulation can negatively affect children; additionally, they provide facts about the two objects in the comparison to provide an understanding for the audience. This illustration is created to express a memorable and realistic situation of the unbecoming incidents that have been proceeding. Moms Demand Action utilized a Public Service Announcement to campaign their notion to reshape the legislation, and educate the public about the dangers of firearms and how it can be monitored to keep children protected.

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