Money Can't Buy Love Or Happiness

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness And Love
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  • Introduction
  • Money as a Reward
  • Money Can't Buy Love
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited


"The impact feels much closer when it's someone in the public eye because we feel we know them and we make assumptions about their life" said Los Angeles Times writer Madelyn Gould after two very wealthy celebrities express their unhappiness through death. This one sentence alone explained the unspoken truth that people tend to ignore: money can’t buy happiness.

Money as a Reward

Money cannot buy you happiness because money is only a reward, - that is the most valuable argument. It cannot buy love and it is only temporary satisfaction. Money is the root of all evil, a famous line that has been quoted millions of time, and on millions of different occasions. Having too much can make someone lonely, reclusive, solitary, empty because there are less wealthy people in this world than there are poor, and that can ruin potential relationships that these people need in order to survive. You are the company you keep, and nobody that makes over fifty million dollars a year will suddenly want to be best buddies with someone that makes less than fifty thousand a year, no matter how good of a person they are. That millionaire will always feel like that person will want something from them, and this leads them to isolating themselves from people that they do not feel are on their level of success. As it was said, “money is only one part of psychological wealth” and these millionaires aren’t too familiar with the other parts, including bonding relationships. Poor people have more pleasure in relationships, because sometimes that’s all they have. While rich people aren’t too excited about buddying up with someone, and if they are it’s harder to make real friends because rich people are more prideful, and they forget about compassion because to them, they don’t need it.

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Money Can't Buy Love

“But I’m happiest when I can buy what I want” said Toronto Rapper Drake Graham. In that line, he managed to describe an action that many people tend to do and then call it “happiness”. What Drake, like many people, aren’t aware of is that the constant rewards that they give themselves has a longer effect on them than they may know. “These behaviors (rewarding ourselves with sweets, spending, or alcohol) are so deeply bred into our culture, that few of us stop to think about their effect on our lives” stated Dr. Susan Biali. When constantly giving yourself a treat for even the smallest of things, it manages to make you forget how to actually be grateful for something. Upper-class people reward themselves more than middle or lower class, and because of this t they lack the ability to genuinely be happy to receive something from someone else. A simple ice cream cone would make a young child shiver with excitement. A nice set of car keys would over joy teenagers but as an adult, happiness has to be described before they decide what true happiness means to them. To many people, love is more than just a four letter word. It’s something that grows within you to the point where nothing else and no other feeling can even come close to the feeling of being in love. Love is life, and you cannot buy a life. So when people say that money can buy love, it’s good to ask if they mean the love of materials or the love of another human being?

Of course you can buy materials that you may love, but to buy actual love from another person is impossible because love is too sacred of a feeling to be purchased. With that being said, many people would have their own arguments for the emotions money can make you feel. They would argue that money can make you happy because they would rather cry in a million dollar home than a one bedroom studio apartment, but they are wrong because happiness is what you feel, and money is what you are given. You cannot be given happiness, it’s a psychological emotion that just does not pop up out of nowhere. So yes, you may want to cry in a million dollar home but you still haven’t achieved happiness so does where your tears fall really make a difference?


In the end, love is a feeling, to reward yourself is to lose yourself and temporary does not equal forever. Money can give you a life of satisfaction and a vivid idea of success, but it cannot supply you with what you really need to survive, and that’s the internal factors. If we all would stop putting such a great meaning behind money, it would not impact our lives as much as it does and at that point, everyone would truly know what it means to live. We never know what the next person is going through, so stop looking at the outer surface and think about what’s inside.

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