Moral Relativism About Abortion: What is Normal to One People May not Necessarily Be True for Others

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Moral relativism is the belief that have no absolute moral truth. As I am trying to acknowledge what is true or what is the right way for anyone else to be able to function properly in this 21st century that we called it one of the advance centuries where there are laws in the society, country and all over the world and those laws still provides abortion of a child.

Abortion is one of the widely practiced eradication by humans in today’s world. It is common even in most developed countries where we find almost all people educated with the quality of living. Even almost all types of religion believe abortion is wrong but, human beings do not terminate it is wrong way of taking a life of one human of another.

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It is said that a good society is one who values the human life. So, I asked myself about it. And the answer I get was “what is true for me may not necessarily be true for others.” This means there is no right or wrong in the principles of moral absolutes.

Essentially, there is no absolute meaning of life. Sometimes, we will go through so much deeper that we except the end to justify it. My meaning of abortion is like that if we do not believe in a God then there is no value whatever we do of human life like abortion, suicide etc.

Now let’s talk about the world with no creator which means there is no God. What it would be like concerning relativism on that note. This might logically possible human being have no true value. I can believe on that without creator. But, how can human beings add relativism on abortion which clearly shows taking life of another human beings created by the God.

Talking about the United States, abortion takes place more than one million per year. Some people think it might be good to control population but, subjecting towards truth to a God it clearly teaches abortion is wrong. The Bible already claims to protect the value of innocent life and it is also believed that God involves himself with the newly born babies. My point of view is we are killing ourselves but, at the same time we are killing God and his creation.

Bible also teaches to protect the weak and vulnerable who needs support to speak up for themselves. We are being watched in every step of our life which cannot be hidden from the God’s eye. He is watching us and everything we get in our life from himself is based on our performance.

There are many Christian who support abortion based on moral relativism. Even though, Bible proves abortion wrong but, people believing in Science and Secularistic state abortion is right. Science believe abortion is just the first stage of human life. Secularistic state Christian view is hypocritical so there is not a single evidence to be proved that abortion is wrong. Secularistic also believe abortion is not a murder because aborted child is not fully developed.

I would like to talk about those truth of the babies who ends their story by abortion. Once I read one of the articles in which it talks about handicapped children and their painful life. Life is hard as we all noticed. But, there are such shameful human beings who are not worried about sin. Some of the people honestly follow that it is better abort handicapped child rather than give them a birth. I do not know how they even thought about it.

Often, I have seen parents feel so much pain to face handicapped individual. Even in the developing country they sometimes leave their children to avoid them. I believe it is the lack of education. But, I saw even in the developed country people abort their child where they get all the facilities needed. My mind always think that human beings are selfish. We care about ourselves only. While aborting a child we do not think twice that if our parents aborted us we did not even reach out to this beautiful world created by the God. So, at the end it will only be debating to solve the abortion issue appealing moral relativism.

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