Moral Resilience of Trevor Noah in Born a Crime

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Louis Zamperini used to say that “The world, we’d discovered, doesn’t love you like your family loves you.” In Born A Crime by Trevor Noah, a strong bond between Trevor and his beloved mother has shown us how a family's love can get you through every hard time in your life. Therefore, the three factors that help them bond their relationship from then to now: religious, humor, and love. Without those, Trevor wouldn't have a chance to become what he is today.

Firstly, growth in a religious environment with his mother as a Christian devotee, going to three churches every weekend, Trevor’s childhood was held up with strict code in behavior and living style. Like every civilization ever, religious allowed people to hope and live up for what they believe and also created a stronger bond for the family connection. Trevor explains this by saying “You need to pray to Jesus,” he said. “Jesus will save you.” He goes on to say, “Well, we do need to be saved—saved from you, but that's beside the point. So let’s give this Jesus thing a shot”(p.6). As we can see while Noah is poking fun at his religious, he also confirmed he’s learning a lot through it, and his faith also played a central preeminent role in the novel. Moreover, religion is like a joint as it helps them stay together, creating a family tradition, and help them stay optimistic about their future.

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Secondly, laugh, and optimistic is what we can feel and see throughout the book, his writing not only show how humor deflects pain but also help the reader retain their feel of realistic resilience in a hard time. We can see this when Trevor saying “look, Mom. I know you love Jesus, but maybe next week you could ask him to meet us at our house. Because this really wasn’t a fun night.” (pg. 17); then, they laugh. Clearly, we can see that he and his family have been through a hard time, but none of them he views it as a tragic, he always can share his humor between him and his mother. Even though when she was shot by her ex-husband, Abel, and barely survived through it but she still said that “look on the bright side, now you’re officially the best-looking person in the family” (pg. 281); then, they laugh. They laugh, everywhere, every situation despite how bad it is, their humor shows a strong resilience within their will and it strengthens their undying love.

Finally, like Joseph Stephano used to say, “ a boy’s best friend is his mother”, throughout the novel, Trevor’s biggest memoir was in his mother - Patricia - a wonderful mother with a great sense of humor, fearless, and love for her child. Like Trevor has explained this through “Everything I have ever done I've done from a place of love. If I don't punish you, the world will punish you even worse. The world doesn't love you.” (pg. 243), he goes on to say “When I beat you, I'm trying to save you. When they beat you, they're trying to kill you.” (pg. 243). Sometimes, he still has his love-hate with his mother, as he is a “rebellion” kid who likes to get in trouble; yet, his mother is someone who lives with rules to him. Therefore, he would receive an “ass-whooping” for every time he made mistakes; but in either way, through time he realized that Abel, Trevor’s stepfather, when he whopping him, he hit with rage and satisfaction. While his mother’s come from love and caring. In fact, through the book, he realized how little he knows about love in his childhood, even though his mother’s love was the key to pull him out of violence, abusing, and poverty. Through flashback, Noah has realized his mother’s wisdom, in both surviving and teaching him until he became a man; moreover, he acknowledges that how love can foster growth through the lesson in pain, and responsibility.             

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