Comparison of Moralistic Traditionalistic and Individualistic Political Cultures

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The moralistic subculture relied on the idea that government has a moral responsibility to work for the improvement of society as a whole and the welfare of the majority of its people. Under this subculture the government is charged with promoting a fair and good society were everyone has a chance to succeed and be heard. Although the moralistic subculture does not seem to be the most prominent subculture in the state of Texas, at times we can still see it present itself in or general desires. For example, most of us want to have an honest representative who want to improve our lives and champion our interest regardless of our wealth or social status. This subculture calls for our representatives to earn their office because they desire to serve others and not for any corrupt or self-seeking reasons. The moralistic subculture also states that we as citizens have a moral obligation to participate in government if we want to truly be represented. Although, as Texas citizens we don’t often practice participation as much as we should, I think that most might agree that participation is in fact key to the adequate representation of the majorities.

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Differently, the individualistic political subculture does not seem to seek a government who focuses on the welfare of everyone, who tries to fix all of people’s problems, or meddles in people’s business. People’s personal interest are definitely key in this subculture because those who subscribe to this subculture believed it is up to a person to get what they want and not rely on anyone to just give it to them. Due to the nature of this subculture, it’s likely personal interests are a very strong incentive to run for office or get involved in politics at all. If an individual doesn’t like something, it is up to the individual to change it and do what they have to. This means that a government representative is probably more likely to meet the needs of individuals in exchange for something that also benefits them. This subculture is very prominent in the state of Texas because it is rooted in a western culture where people relied on themselves and other individuals to get what they needed.

Finally, the traditionalistic political subculture is known for upholding the status quo. The traditionalistic subculture is not one that seems to subscribe itself to change or the prosperity of the commonwealth. This subculture also focuses mainly on the wealthier more influential individuals who can afford to lobby, donate, or campaign. Participation is thought to be a privilege that not everyone should partake in. This subculture seems to be popular in Texas because it is rooted in the elitist culture of the southern past. Although we can now say that everyone has the right to vote, Texas is still identified as traditionalistic because most ordinary citizens choose not to vote. Perhaps we have a predisposition to this system because the responsibility to vote may not be inherently engrained in those whose ancestors were discouraged or not allowed to vote for a large portion of the country’s southern history.

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