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Mori Girl is part of a popular Japanese subculture. Mori means ‘forest’ or ‘jungle’ so Mori Girl basically means ‘forest girl.’ Mori girl’s fashion is mainly for girls, but men are able to wear this style if they want to. Although Mori Girl originated in Japan, the style looks more at a Europeans forest style which makes them seem like they are wandering in a fairy-tale like forest.

The significant style of a Mori girl is the short dresses and long skirts, paired with either cardigans or long gloves. Other styles may include a long sleeve top with a dress and long pants or leggings. These pieces are the staple for this fashion. The concept that this fashion evolves around is the idea of being natural while also achieving a girly look. The fashion of Mori Girl usually consists of long, loose pieces of clothing which include many layers to increase the texture and depth as well as making it comfortable to move around freely. The main colors that are used in this style are warm, earthy, or paler colors or sometimes mismatched ones which can include yellows, browns, light moss green, pastel pink and white. The patterns like floral, polka dots, lace, shawls and vintage are also significantly used in this fashion when styling. The texture of clothing is very important to Mori Girls in this fashion with the textures that are mainly used being cotton, lace, knits and gossamer. The accessories that Mori girls try to pair with this fashion are quirky, whilst being small and delicate at the same time. Some accessories that can be seen paired with this are polka dotted, animal, vintage, dainty or checkered designs, although the most important accessory is the handbag. This is because the handbag defines their personality and style as it is like a statement for them. The style for hair can vary from anything as long as it looks natural. It could be a ponytail, be left out or put in braids. Ribbons, headpieces, beanies and headbands are also used in their hair to develop their look. Other pieces that are involved in this style are usually feminine and handmade, personal pieces. Most shoes are closed toe shoes, so mainly shoes like boots and flats are worn. Minimal makeup is worn but when it is, neutral and pastel colors are used. Not a lot of perfume is worn as they do not want to overpower themselves with it. They wear minimal perfume and prefer the earthy fragrances. The fashion of Mori girl is more childlike and is so much different to the other fashions in the city of japan. For example, they like clothing which keep them covered and would wear flats over heels any day.

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This fashion is perfect for winter and provides the best comfort. Mori Girl is made to be basic and simple. Their goal is to achieve a soft and natural look which looks like they are in a forest. They do not want to attract any attention and want to make sure they are comfortable with what they are wearing as well as with themselves. Their goal of a Mori Girl is to look as natural and subtle as possible as they don’t want to wear something that screams for attention.

Mori girls aren’t just about their looks, but also about their personality. Many are independent who love nature, like spending time alone and are self-sufficient. Many like to appreciate the smaller things in life and are focused on themselves and nothing else. They don’t care about what other people think of them. They are calm, smart and care about nature. Many have hobbies that they embrace, which is part of their subculture. Many also like to take their styling to their room or to their phone case as it’s not all about the clothing for them.

There isn’t just one type of style of Mori Girl. Like most fashions, the style can change as the person who’s wearing it changes it. Due to this, there are over 60 styles of Mori Girl and this can vary from girls who wear all white, to the style of ‘Dark Mori,’ where the girls where dark colors, looking at the darker and more mysterious parts of a forest. Another example is the Mori Lolita which is a style that is perfectly planned out.

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