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Most Common Music Production Mistakes

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Hearing music does relief and calm the soul. And music makers do tend to have a joy in reaching to their listeners with something they would love to hear. Music Production doesn’t seem on the first look to be a difficult chore, neither technical. But when we get inside the production process it is as laborious as any other.

The goals every music producer aims at, is reaching the people, and creating fun music that is real. Though it is not a piece of cake, and for creating music you need to be skillful. You can commit mistakes that would derail the process or harm your music dreams. So what are the most common mistakes you commit? Have you ever given that thought a thought? Even if you haven’t you have us to do your bidding for you. Here in this article we’d be looking at the common mistakes that any music production commits to.

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Common Music Production Mistakes:

Here below you’d find a list sketched of the commonest mistakes that a music production does while generating music. Restraining yourself from them will definitely guarantee you a successful future in producing music.

1. File Management:

When you’d be recording music, it is definite you are going to be storing it over a hard drive. As the hard drives will begin to stack up with time, you’d be facing a difficulty stocking them. When the dozens of hard drives are in the stash, you’d face trouble managing them.

For your ease, you can buy the docking stations. Docking stations come in varying models with different features, starting price can be as low as $20. This is going to make things cheaper for you as you are not going to be needing to buy the power supply every time you get yourself a hard disk. Otherwise a more modern alternative is the cloud storage online. Which seems to be a more reliable and secure option. And you have plenty of options to go for, and can find one cheaper for you.

2. Poor Sounding Source:

When you are recording from a great quality source, no compression or fixing it later will be found better. You should have the guitarists to tune their guitars. Get them tuned in, in case of the amp buzz or being tube microphobic, get a pro bias the tubes. Get the guitar checked for any other flaws in them. About the drums, get them stretched beyond their lifespan and heads be well beat up. Your each and every instrument needs to be in an excellent condition. That is what you should be working with the environment. In order to generate good music you should be working, striving, and thriving for achieving it.

3. Wrong Microphone:

Talking about the microphones, if you have been long in the business you would have known that the microphones come in three different types. The dynamic moving coil, dynamic ribbon and the condenser and they all have different distinct properties.

The moving coil mics go great with the instruments such as drums, guitar and others. As they can bear sound pressure from the instruments, so they are great with louder sources. Moreover, the price is also not that high.

Dynamic ribbon mics are the fragile mics, that can’t bear that loud music. They are often used for room mics, recording of the guitar amps and hand percussion.

Condenser microphones are the one that are often used for vocals. Or for recording the piano or guitars where you require the capture of frequency of an instrument.

4. Price over Quality?

You wouldn’t believe me when I say to you that the quality is always cheaper. Buying pricey things won’t do you the good when you only go for the things that have more price attached to their names, than good quality. In fact we always associate a thing to work better, when it has a higher price. Same thing with lowered price won’t be as valued as it is with huge price tag. So try and search the market, find things that are of quality, and you’d be saving a lot of money, and time both.

These are the few common mistakes that you as a music producer would be making often. Its time you reflect upon the mistakes, correct them, and go for bettering the music creation that you are going to be working upon. It’d do you great business as well as bring fame to your work.


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