Most Popular Music Styles from the 1920s by Shelby Preiner

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Have you ever wonder what kind styles of music people would listen to back in the good ol’ days? Before pop and rap even existed? There were alot of popular music styles listened to during that time period but of all the most popular types of music styles people would listen to in the 1920s had to have definitely been the up beat and loved styles of jazz and ragtime, these styles had even been a big part of what had helped inspire and create the popular music styles of today.

Music in the 1920s were mostly influenced by the united states’s social climate. In fact during the 1920s a lot had happened, that had included several of unprecedented historical, social, and political events including the end of world war I, prohibition, women gaining the right to vote, urban migration of the era, the economic boom, the associated wave of organized crime, and so much more. At the time, a lot of people were going through a hard time, so to help put things at ease for the citizens, there would be people who would go and listen to the popular musics of the century, that at the time were ragtime, jazz, blues, classical, opera, and more.the people who made these musics probably were not even trying it help others they could have just been random people who wanted to make a couple bucks or just become famous, in fact some of them probably did not even really mean to help they world but they had.

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Now jazz was a styles of music that had originally been ‘created’ in new orleans, but it itself had not truly become popular until it had reached New York and newyork had joyously dubbed the jazz age. The jazz age was everything new york. the first important trend in new york jazz was hot jazz. Hot jazz was the incendiary style that had been brought into the big apple by louis armstrong, who would eventually become one of the best-known jazz musicians of all time.

Hot jazz was fast and exciting, its open experimentation and free feeling rhythms were perfect for mixing in with other cultures, in particularly cuba and latin america. The type of feeling one would get listening to jazz was in its own unique way, every style of music mixed into one. Jazz was considered to be both happy and sad types of musics, and it was also especially scene as a romantic style as it gave off that sort of feeling when played in specific type of song. Jazz had especially made people want to jump out of their chairs and dance, and eventually by the end of the 1920s Hot jazz had been officially given it own new name, hot jazz was now newly called the first stages of music style Swing. Swing as its own style is the best music to dance to, one can’t just sit down and listen to swing, once its played they have the urge to have to get up grab a partner and dance, or swing.

Another popular music style that made its way up the ranks was ragtime. Ragtime is neither classical music or jazz, in fact it is said that ragtimes in a category all on its own. And unlike classical music and blues, ragtime was an upbeat and fun, the best music to dance to. It was the perfect type of music to listen and dance to during the toughest of times. Ragtime had been first created in chicago by a classical musician named Scott Joplin, and was first composed by Tom Turpins in his own saloon. Ragtime had become popular real quick, bringing people together and lifting up lowered spirits.

The ways theses styles from the past had inspired the love of music into what everyone listens to today is simply by creative people from the 1920s listening to these styles and songs, and becoming inspired, and continuing it throughout time, even making new styles out of the ones before them. The types styles listened to today, were by people creating their own style, inspired by the styles they had all grown up listening to and had found an interest in. Ragtimes fun and upbeat rhythm can easily be found in hip hop and pop, with all the up beat rythmes mixed in, and jazz had influenced a lot of popular style listened to like, blues, rock and roll, folk, pop, and even rap!

Jazz is even still pretty popular and listened to and played today along with classical music, but unfortunately ragtime is not nearly as listened to much such as it had been before today. Jazz and ragtime now are more listened to by the older generations while back in the 1920s they were listened to by young and old, to day the new generation think the music from the older times like the 1920s are just old people music, and they don’t even think about how if those music styles didn’t exist neither would today’s music. Though they are not listened to nearly as much as they used to be listened to, theses amazing styles helped they world in the 1920s all the way to today, just be people picking up an instrument, or turning a knob of a radio. Inspiring people, and helping people move forward, into the next generation of their lives.

Ragtime and jazz were the most popular styles in music during the 1920s, the styles of music helped people through the hard times they were going through, all the people that were lost back then, it was how people would have had celebrations that it was finally the end of world war 1, lifted spirits of those who had lost friends and loved ones, inspired people to move forward, and gave people the hope and reassurance for looking towards tomorrow with a smile. These styles had helped inspire and create all the new and amazing popular styles listened to all around the world by millions of people from different cultures and religions today. 

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