Most Remarkable Speeches: Gettysburg Address

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I picked Abraham Lincoln because he was an inspiration to the united states many people hated him, but many liked him. He was born on February twelfth eighteen oh nine his parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. He was the sixteenth president of the united states his term was March fourth eighteen sixty-one through April fourteen eighteen sixty-five. He was assassinated by Jonathan Wilks Booth on April eighteen sixty-five. Lincoln was with his family at a play and Jonn shot Lincoln from the stage in the middle of the play. Abraham also told his bodyguard he dreamt of being assassinated the day he got assassinated. After Abraham got shot soldiers carried Abe to the Petersen House across the street he was surrounded by the people who loved him most and he peacefully died at seven twenty-two am. Abraham led the nation through the civil war the bloodiest war. Lincoln was trying to help slaves and their freedom from slavery.

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Abraham’s nickname was honest Abe, he was six feet tall and four inches tall. Abraham and Mary had four children Robert, Tad, William, and Edward. Only one of Lincoln’s kids made it to adulthood and that was Todd. Todd had 3 children Jessie, Mamie, and Lincoln the second. Lincoln was known for a good storyteller and to tell jokes. Abraham set up a national banking system which created a national institution in the world today. Lincoln is also remembered by the speech he gave on November first eighteen sixty-three it was called the Gettysburg address. January first eighteen sixty-three Abraham issued the Emancipation Proclamation this was something that freed the slaves in the Confederate state or southern states for the most part. Not all slaves were set free until the thirteenth amendment which freed all slaves in the United States.

Abraham served as Illinois state legislature for several terms before he was president, he studied law and worked as a lawyer. Abraham ran for congress in eighteen forty-one and won.

Lincoln also ran for senate but did not get it but he got national recgonaniton because of the arguments against slavery during the debates. Abraham had a top hat and he had kept papers or a certain paper letter or something and kept it in his top hat. People say that Abraham was a very messy person and did not have anything organized.

I chose Abraham Lincoln because of all of his great accomplishments and he had a good family. Abraham tried his hardest to free slaves, fight a war, and still make time for his family. Nobody that I know of has done something so great and left a huge impact on the world whether someone didn’t like it or not he did it his way and now everyone has their freedom. Anyone can vote, anyone can fight in a far or enlist into the army, Nothing matters about the color of your skin, how big or small you are, doesn’t matter anymore. Someone who would do that and they have that much power they can control and they aren’t doing it for themselves is a great accomplishment. 

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