Mother Teresa's Role Caring for the Sick and Dying: a Biography


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On September 5, 1997 the world lost one of its most loving and caring individuals that had ever walked the earth. Mother Teresa was a person who will always be remembered as someone who cared for others before herself. Spending most of her life in the slums of Calcutta, she dedicated her life, caring for the sick and dying. It all began when she believed God had come to her with a message, saying that she needed to drop everything in life and go to the aid of others. For an ordinary person this would be a task that would never be taken serious or even considered. There was never a question in her mind on whether she should fulfill what she believed was God’s wishe. Her mindset was set on going about and doing God’s will by saving others from sickness and poverty.

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It all started at the age of 38. While traveling by train in India, she had a striking realization. It suddenly occurred to her that her life’s mission was to care for and preach to the poorest of the poor. With the Pope’s blessing, Mother Teresa ventured off into the slums of Calcutta, which by today’s standards is considered the poorest city in the world, and there she began the Sisters of Charity. Their mission was to aid all and shower everyone with love and food. She even surrounded herself with the lepers who were a group of terminally ill people who were considered separate from everyday society. She seemed to find the good in everyone no matter who you were or what you stood for. For all her dedication and love for all people, she received many rewards for her work, including the 1971 Pope John XXIII Peace Prize, the India Jawaharlal Nehru Award, and the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. The most honored award that anyone could ever receive by a religious standpoint was her being anointed as a modern day Saint by Pope John Paul.

I believe Mother Teresa is a true hero because she risked her life everyday for the well-being of other people. Nobody realizes the type of life she lived and the environment she was exposed too. I don’t think she new when she first traveled to Calcutta what she would be dealing with, but she believed it was something she was called on for. Even in the lowest times of her life she never backed away she kept on moving forward to better others. I cannot imagine the living conditions she had to be around and the diseases she had been exposed too. Mother Teresa maybe the best all-around example of a hero, due to the life she lived and the lives she changed. A hero is someone who puts their own life at stake for the well-being of another and there are thousands and thousands of lives she put before her own…..

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