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With the advancement of technology, our world has to change swiftly. The demand for globalization is communication between people of different cultures. language is the foundation of communication, therefore both to understand and be understood in more than one language is essential to the development of understanding in the emerging international community. In this regard, linguistic play a vital role to in better understanding language and its functions. Language has had a great impact on my life and I yearn to know much about it. when I was in 2nd standard, my elder sister presented me a book that was the first book of juvenile literature and I was a really mesmerized language of literature. After that my journey of literature has begun.

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The interest of literature truly compelled me to choose the subject English literature on the undergraduate level. While I studied in university, I had to read a great number of different genre in the literary world that makes me interested in learning about the structure of language. Above all, linguistic was included in my undergraduate course, hence I learnt it is a depth study of language and its structure; why language differs from each other. Nevertheless, it not only scrutinizes the variety of languages and changes but also analyses language acquisition which is remarkable. The most important thing is that the theory of Noam Chomsky, American linguist, on language acquisition and the hypothesis of Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf on linguistic relativity which have great influence on me.

I have developed a fascination with how language works. On the other hand. I got an opportunity to observe closely the variation of language when I travelled to Nepal, the South Asian country, last year where I got to know about some dialects or regional variety of Asian languages. In Spite of these, I took a voluntary class in the second language that experience also provokes me to choose this subject. I have always felt that study at the graduation level was an end of itself and that learning simply for the sake of learning, is worthwhile. Bangladesh has a variety of regional dialects. Due to lack of usage, some indigenous languages have disappeared and died out, taking with them a unique way of viewing the world. In the future, I want to be a language researcher and linguistic. with this degree, I hope well equipped to do research and fieldwork with endangered languages and eventually go on to do doctoral work. I have always dreamt of contributing to the development of my country. Bangladesh is a desperate need for qualified citizens and their skills for its development and I want to serve my country to the best of my capacity when I return. However, it is nearly impossible in my country, because there is a lack of opportunity to research on linguistics.

Therefore, I chose Germany because it provides the best higher education system and a German university degree is highly acceptable all over the world. Moreover, most of the university has no tuition fee and offer masters degree program in English. Besides, Frankfurt is in the centre of Europe and renewal as a multicultural city. I have always a keen interest to know different cultures, hence I will get an opportunity to explore Germany own history and cultural traditions; as well as meet people from across the globe. Goethe University has well known for its research opportunities, thus I have intended to be a linguistic researcher. This university also has many facilities including a large campus area, expertise in linguistic areas. As far as I concerned, the university is the best place to nurture this passion for a subject which intrigues and captivates me. I love to discuss the thoughts and ideas with my peers, sharing my own ideas and experience with them and learning from theirs.

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