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Motive Of Wearing Jewelry in Ancient Times

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Many of us wear jewelry every day mostly for adornment, some of us have different reasons for example some people might develop a sort of affiliation with a piece of jewelry and might feel out of place without them or some people might consider them as there lucky charm. But the question is how exactly did the idea of wearing jewelry struck our ancestors? Was it spontaneous? Or did they have some motive behind it? Any answers can only be theories, but human nature and our documented history might help in uncovering the reason why our ancestors used to wear jewelry.

It is most likely that prehistoric humans thought of decorating the body before they thought of making use of anything that could suggest clothing we can ascertain that fact by giving the reference of the figurine of “The Dancing Girl” a prehistoric bronze sculpture made in 2500 bce found at the Indus Valley site, the sculpture depict a girl with relaxed stance and she wears no cloths, but her arms and neck are heavily ornamented with jewelry

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1- Symbolic thought Oldest piece of jewelry in the world 130,000-year old Neanderthal Jewelry, discovered in Croatia, from AncientOriginsThis piece of jewelry changes our perception about the Neanderthals who were regarded as savages, how does it changes our perception? the discovery suggests that these people could engage in symbolic expression, Anthropologists have been associating any sort of art, jewelry included, as evidence for advanced cognitive thinking A being that creates art has the ability to plan ahead, to link symbols with meaning, and hence to think in a complex way.

2- Self-Expressionism Ancient archeological shell beads of Nassarius from Blombos Cave, Credits: Wikimedia Archeologists have found beads made from shells of a sea snail called Nassarius. These beads are the first known jewelry made by modern humans dated as 110,000 years. The Blombos Cave shell necklace indicates the desire of human beings to express themselves in a unique way.The Egyptians firmly believed that color reflects a characteristic of our personalities, and as a result, color symbolism was significant to the ancient Egyptians. Yellow and gold were associated with the sun and were always used in crown and ornaments for the pharaoh and his priests. A green stone was put in the mouths of the pharaohs to have speech in the other world. The red AB or heart amulet was believed to safeguard the soul. The golden Udjat provided health and protection.3-Social status In ancient times people used to wear jewelry to show their status and class. Or we can say that the reasons were same as of today. In the early prehistoric times, jewelry might have been seen as a creative innovation, so the people who were wearing jewelry were considered as pioneers. So someone who was clever enough to create jewelry with tools was also an expert at using tools for more practical things which would have raised their status in society. The need to show wealth and social status can be linked to the more basic need of attracting a mate. Giving expensive gifts of jewelry was also associated with people of high status.Impressive discoveries were made in some tombs dated about 2500 BC, regarded as royal graves. Jewelry found in graves can tell us a lot about the persons wealth and social status.

Sumerian headdress (the metropolitan museum of art, NYC)3- To gain energy and power For thousands of years, human beings have attached importance and meaning to certain metals, gemstones, and piece of jewelry. The Ancient Egyptians made man talismans and amulets filled with all sorts of supernatural and magical powersSome jewelry pieces were made with gemstones or beads that were said to be good luck, while others were believed to have powers of healing, or serving other purposes from enhancing wellbeing to bringing love into your life, or to protect you from serpent bites or other things like thunderstorms.Religious pendants were also be used by people for protective purposes. sometimes worn by people who go on expeditions to protect them from. The concept of the birthstone also surface, as well as the theory of crystal used for healing and color therapy, all of which can exploit the wearing of jewelry. Some of these ancient beliefs in the power of gemstones, crystals and metals still exists even today.


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