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Operations and the industry processes and the characteristics of Honda’s market has a several key parts and sectors which are needed to be known like suppliers, marketing channels, competition, market attractiveness, and many other factors. So, the first one will be the suppliers, who is the main suppliers, their number, and what they do. Honda is one of the biggest motorcycles manufactured company that working on manufacturing the internal combustion engines in the word specially in Japan under the name model of civic, the most famous car in Honda as longest-running for the Japanese automakers.

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Honda became the first-choice car in Japan by 1986 which encouraged them to invest in the research and development to get involved in the robotics industry, and eventually Honda released the first electric car by 1999. This evolution opened the chance for Honda to establish new ventures in China, Mexico, and Argentina.

Marketing Channels

Functions of business set of independent of business units that are connected to each other also connected to the business manufacturing products consumption that followed by number of stages from the manufacturing to agencies to wholesalers and retailers to be delivered to the end customer to satisfy their needs or wants.

Honda is using a different channel of distribution like authorized showrooms and cars dealerships through service centers that has the authority to do direct selling agents, also the channel of-commerce sites to make the products of Honda available online to customers in several countries like US, Argentina, Brazil, and north America like Mexico however Honda cars have a wide range of selling in Canada as a long standing car with high stability and quality of several options and models.

Marketing Attractiveness

Visibility campaigns and branding strategies helped Honda to create TOMA (top of mind awareness) in the mind of customers through building high relationships with them with the high quality of products with different models including the high intensity of the cars and motorcycles stability also the after selling service that would help in the technical supports when the customers need it, otherwise thespare parts that are provided widely and cheaply in all it is markets. Honda has not stopped with this strategy but also they decided to enter new markets in different countries with different models and options to fit the different cultures, this opened a wide range for Honda to maximize their selling, also the web and tv advertising with slogans like “the power of dream” which increasing the brand awareness and the attractiveness of customers through increasing the word of mouth between people.


Honda is a huge company known for manufacturing motorcycle, automobiles, aircrafts, and power equipment to deliver the full satisfaction to customers, and combustion engines with the strategy of maintaining the business operations from design the production process also they providing after selling service to maintain the customer satisfaction, otherwise the company has the idea of developing it is product through a huge number of research and development which is taking a big part of the production process, to ensure that every vehicle have been produced by the high level of technology. Honda company is controlling a huge share of the automobiles market in different countries, but also it has a huge number of strong competitors.

Ford for automobiles: Ford is a strong company for automobiles industry in US and in north America because it is providing a huge value of it is products that meets the security and quality that the user’s needs, otherwise the brand value of this company is about $19.771 billion as per the report of Brand Finance which is a sign for the successful of this company.

Mercedes Benz: Mercedes is a German international company that is represents the luxury and high quality also high performance of different designs and models of automobiles, the main strength of Mercedes is that it has a strong brand value and is a financially strong company with performing a great innovation of using the diesel engines, also Mercedes automobiles is now in more than 20 countries around the world.

Competitors Strengths and Weaknesses

Is not strong involved in R&D required strongly in Europe only Honda management Money is made in Honda through the selling of different products from motorcycles, automobiles, power equipment and aircrafts in different countries that creates a huge number of sales with Civic sales were 50,000.In US, and the vice president and the executive president of manufacturing that allow them to control the industry with the help of managers at every sector like the finance department.

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