Mr. Atticus Finch Vs Helmuth Hubener from the Novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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The comparison of Mr. Atticus Finch and Helmuth Hubener is uncommon as they are not close in age and both have very different circumstances that they have lived through. They share qualities that range from their tremendous bravery to their fantastic morals that keep them from listening to the people around them and being influenced by those people. The two were also both very humble and lived normal lives even though to many they were considered heroes.

Atticus Finch is a single father, town lawyer, and an amazing speaker in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In the novel Atticus is put in a situation where he must save a man from conviction despite the man’s color. Tom Robinson is the man that Atticus Finch must defend and he had been accused of beating Mayella Ewell. By defending Tom Robinson, Atticus made himself unpopular in the town because of the opinions of race at the time. As the novel took place during the Great Depression it was very common for white Americans and African Americans to not get along and even fight. So, when Atticus refused to not help Tom Robinson the people of Maycomb became frustrated but Atticus Finch simply continued working his hardest to help save Tom Robinson.

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During the trial even brutally questioned Mayella’s father by saying, “I’ll repeat the question. Can you read and write?” (Lee 201). Beside his role as a town lawyer Atticus Finch was also a single father who made sure to teach his kids the importance of respect by introducing them to ideas outside of what society gave them. For example Atticus told his son Jem “Mr. Cunningham’s basically a good man he just has his blind spots along with the rest of us” (Lee 179). Atticus Finch was a true hero as he did not go with society, instead he made sure to create his own opinions and stand up for them. He even taught his children to fight for what was right no matter what the people around them are trying to persuade them to do or say. Though some did not see him as a hero, Tom Robinson and his community sure did as Atticus did not judge them by their skin color instead he judged them based on the facts dealt to him during the trial.

Helmuth Hübener was simply a boy who lived in a time where Adolph Hitler was in full control and the Nazi group had all the power. Helmuth was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in and he believed that the Nazi way of life was wrong. His belief cause him to be an anti-nazi which during the time was highly illegal but that wasn’t the only illegal thing he did. Helmuth listened to enemy radio stations that talked about the hopeful defeat of Hitler and he even distributed enemy pamphlets in hopes of spreading his views and destroying the people in power. Eventually Helmuth Hübener was arrested on February 5, 1942 and was sent to trial.

Helmuth was not in any way shape or form ashamed of what he did, in fact he admitted to it in court. All Helmuth wanted to do was tell people the truth about their own world and government. (Dewey Chapter 25) Hübener’s bravery eventually ended with him being executed by beheading on October 27, 1942 for conspiracy to commit high treason. Though he was killed his bravery did not go unnoticed to many he was a hero that stood up for a worthy cause when they did not or could not. He had a voice and he knew he had to use it for the good of his people and the world. Helmuth’s friend Karl even admitted that saying goodbye to him still haunts him to this very day. (Dewey Chapter 26) Helmuth Hübener was a true fighter and a man who was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in just like Mr. Atticus Finch.

Though Atticus Finch and Helmuth Hübener may seem very different they actually share many qualities. They are both strong willed people who knew that they must speak out because others might not have the courage to. Both of them fought for something that they believed in because they knew it was right. Helmuth Hübener and Atticus Finch were brave heroes who lived simple lives until they stepped out and spoke up.

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