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Mr. Mercedes is a wrongdoing novel by American essayist Stephen King. It is his 51st novel and the 44th distributed under his own name. He calls it his first hard-bubbled analyst book. It was distributed on June 3, 2014.[1] On June 10, 2014 the creator portrayed Mr. Mercedes on Twitter as the main volume of an anticipated set of three; it was followed in June 2015 by Finders Keepers, the primary draft of which was done around the time Mr. Mercedes was published,[2][3] and in June 2016 by End of Watch. A resigned analyst mulling over suicide finds new life when a specialty mass killer who escaped police connects with boast. K. William Hodges is a resigned analyst who is endeavoring to discover motivation to live without the excite of his old employment when he is compelled to close a case that amid his vocation, he and his accomplice were not able unravel.

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Multi day while enduring the balmy impacts of evening daytime TV and an inexorably unfortunate eating regimen, Hodges’ presently inactive life gets a severe reminder when a letter falls through his mail opening. A criminal referred to just as the Mercedes Killer, who figures out how to escape capture after mercilessly slaughtering eight individuals and harming fifteen when he ran them over in a stolen Mercedes, connects with the “Det-Ret”, in a boasting, searing, and manipulative letter at last planned to constrain the retiree to suicide. Normally, his letter has the inverse of its coveted impact. Hodges embarks on a long arduous journey reviewing the details of the old case as well as combing through the letter hoping to find any clues that may lead to the capture of this unrepentant murderer. He begins by enlisting the help of his seventeen year-old neighbor and friend Jerome, who doubles as lawn mower and tech savvy computer genius to unravel the increasingly tangled web of the killer’s mind. Hodges also returns to the people he previously interviewed while on the force, including the sister of the late owner of the stolen Mercedes, whose gumption and spunk ensnare his mind and ultimately his heart. The sister Janey, Jerome, and Hodges form a sort of motley crew of investagtors intent upon capturing the Mercedes Killer.

As the reader follows Hodges’ journey down the path to justice, we, learn more and more about who the killer is and his mindset and motivation for his actions. He, a master at hiding in plain sight moves seamlessly in and out of the detective’s life, all the while planning and scheming new ways to bring death and destruction on the heads of the people around him that he so despises. He lives at home with his alcoholic mother and the memory of his dead younger brother and allows his insanity and demented ideas to slowly drive him closer and closer to his own demise. He plans to kill Jerome’s dog with poisoned meat in the hopes that it may throw the entire investigation off its course, but his plan backfires when his drunken mother eats the meat herself and dies. The Mercedes Killer, then embarks on a vendetta to personally dispose of the retired detective with a car bomb that, yet again, never reaches its intended victim, but rather kills Janey, Hodges new paramour. When the killer realizes his error, he decides to make one last grand stand by staging a suicide bombing at a concert at the same arena where he’d committed his first infamous massacre.

After the death of his new love, Hodges’ need to capture the Mercedes Killer grows even stronger and he, Jerome, and Janey’s niece Holly begin an increasingly dangerous quest to find and stop the killer before he hurts anyone else. After using the computer files of the late Mercedes owner and the power of the Internet, Hodges realizes that the killer is an employee of a local computer repair company. He finds the names and pictures of the computer repairmen and goes on a hunt to apprehend the suspect before he can harm anyone else. Jerome, poring over the photographs of the three repairmen finally recognizes one, the true Mercedes killer as the driver of the local neighborhood ice cream truck, a person with whom he and his family had conversed several times. The group goes to find the perpetrator at home, only to discover the killer deceased mother, rotting away in her bed. Thanks to Holly’s odd brand of genius, Hodges and Jerome are able to scour the killer’s computer and discover his next plot to murder hundreds of people at a pop concert mere minutes away. After a stressful race to the arena, a harrowing apprehension of the criminal just in time to prevent disaster, and a heart attack suffered by William Hodges, the day and several lives are saved by the perseverance and sheer obstinance of the retired detective and his friends, and the criminal, whose only wish was to die in a blaze of glory, instead is left to rot in a hospital bed, deprived of fame and the death he so dilligently and sought wrought.

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