Muhammad Ali - King of the Ring


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Muhammad Ali was considered the greatest Boxer of the mid 90’s. But it wasn’t his boxing that made him become who he is today. He was able to introduce “Black Power” to White America, Jumpstart the 1960’s Anti War movement, And also became the first Self branded athlete. Ali’s savvy boxing style, and outlandish personality is what make him my hero. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. used the term “Black Power” in the spring of 1966, Muhammad Ali became the pioneer for the “Black Power” movement.

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After beating Sonni liston February 25th ,1964, Ali announced that he would be changing his “slave name” Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. His new name was given to him by Elijah Muhammad, who was a black-separatists sect for the Nation of Islam. As year past Muhammad was able to transform from a standard boxing Champion, to the people Champion. Speaking out against racial profiling and injustice for the common African Americans was ways he able to connect to the people.In March 1966, Ali’s draft status was updated and he became eligible to serve in the military. The situation made headlines across the world when he refuse his introduction into the military. Ali decision to speak out against it was hugely debatable , and he was shunned by the media and politicians.

Due to his refusal to join the military, he was stripped of heavyweight title , and he was convicted for draft evasion and sentenced for 5 years. Ali stand against military draft jumpstart the 60’s anti war movement, and encourage many such as Dr. Martin Luther King to also speak against the conflict in Vietnam. Acting on his own Beliefs made Ali the front runner of politically conscious athletes around the world Before athletes was featured in song and movie Muhammad Ali was the first to do it.

Ali had huge success in entertainment industry. He made his first album in 1963, the album was titled “I Am the Greatest! The album reached a peak position of NO.61 on the album chart and was nominated for a Grammy, even though Ali would have to wait until 1976 to receive his next Grammy nomination (“Best Recording for children, for the pro-dental hygiene novelty record The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr.Tooth Decay. Muhammad Ali has not only inspired me but has inspired many other in life. From being a Civil Rights leader, front Runner for Anti war, and huge success in the entertainment industry. Muhammad Ali has shown that to be successful in life you have to believe in yourself and your personal beliefs.

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