Muhammad Ali: Little People, Big Dreams

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Boxing began all the way back to Ancient Greece. The first boxing match took place in Great Britain in 1671. Most boxing fans know this famous quote Ali once said ” Don’t count the days make the days count”. Also Muhammed Ali came from nothing but crime mad he turned it into so much else that no one believed he could do.

Born on January 17th 1942 Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr also known as Muhammad Ali is from Louisville, Kentucky. He grew up in a very difficult time for young African American boys. For example, Laws called Jim Crow Laws enforced this separation and made life difficult on African Americans like Muhammed. Obviously, he was treated very poorly. When Ali turned 12 his bike was stolen he was very furious and told the officer that he will beat him up but it turned out the officer was a boxing coach. He took boxing under Louisville policemen Joe Martin. Ali discovered that he had a real talent for the sport boxing. In addition, He had an advantage because he had spectacular quick reflexes. He could throw a quick punch and then dodge out of the way before the other fighter could react.

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Muhammad Ali went straight to the pros from high school. In 1960, at age 18 Ali traveled to Rome to participate in the olympics. He defeated all of his opponents to win gold in the 1960 olympics. Upon returning home, he was an American hero and decided to take boxing to the next level. He is also a jest because after he finishes off his opponent he dances off to the gold medal. Initially, Ali trash talked while making rhymes. He would come up with rhymes and sayings to cut down his opponent and pump himself up when he is about to start a fight.He would talk trash before and during the fight. He would talk about how ‘ugly’ or ‘dumb’ his opponent was and often referred to himself as ‘the greatest.’ Perhaps his most famous saying was ‘I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.’

Ali had numerous accomplishments including he won one hundred matches and only lost five of them isn’t that crazy?! He also won gold in 1960 olympics in Rome.Ali won 56 times in his 21-year professional career for the heavyweight championships. He also beat joe Frazier after loss to him coming out of jail for five years. Although he was such an amazing boxer he also donated an insane amount to ALi care program, Athletes for hope, Muhammad Ali center and several other charities. AKi won his first heavyweight championship at 21 I think that sparked his career and made him believe in himself when everyone else doubted him.

On June 3rd, 2016, Ali passed away from a heart attack. Upon becoming a professional boxer, Ali had great success. He won several fights in a row, defeating most of his opponents by knockout. In 1964, he got his chance to fight for the title. He defeated Sonny Liston by knockout when Liston refused to come out and fight in the seventh round. Muhammad Ali was now the heavyweight champion of the world. We will always Muhammad from his amazing accomplishments from coming out of such a devastating situations.

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