Mulan: the Story of Brave and Confident

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​Maybe what I really wanted was to prove that I could do things right”

Mulan is a female who encourages others to do the unexpected and succeed in the most difficult things, society encouraged her to be something she wasn’t,here and then people told her to hold her tongue while men were speaking,act like a girl with a perfect body and perfect posture,through out her childhood she was told to be a housewife,stay indoors,cook and clean,but when mulan grew up she was forced to go and be a sterotypicalchinesewoman,They we’re getting her dressed up,they squeezed her hips tightly with a belt, In the movie the film techniques they used were a montage and extreme close up to show mulans face and if she’s she shocked so her expressions,Mulan wasn’t the type that was girly and followed the rules,she loved what men do she does everything men do no matter how much she is been told not to.

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“The flower that blooms in adversity is rare and beautiful of them all”

Not everyone is perfect in life,we all make mistakes right?Mulan went through a change throughout the movie and the change she made was her looks here is why ,she wanted to take her dads place for war because he couldn’t walk properly so he had to use a stick,the counselor for the empire went to each villiage to call out each men from each family to go to war and practice at camp,Mulan’s dad got called out and mulan screamed saying

“NO” and the councilmen shut her up immediately,her father said you dishonour me while walking back to the house,that’s sounds hurtful when a parent says that.

“When will my reflection show who I am inside”

Mulan wanted to prove that she could do things right to her father,So what mulan did is she went and got her dads sword cut her hair to look like a boy so she can take her dad’s place because he can’t walk properly,now she’s at camp practicing, At first she wasn’t very confident with everything and she wasn’t good at anything they did.BUT she practiced and practiced day by day and she eventually become better each day. In the movie the film techniques they used were a montage,close up,extreme close up,high angle and low angle when climbing the tree log to get the arrow, and show that she’s strong,They used high angle before she started to climb to show that she looked weak and it was really high,When all of the team were ready to fight they went to defeat Huns,when mulan was defeating the Huns they cut her hip and she started to bleed but she didn’t know,all of the snow fell on the Huns but Li shang needed help from mulan so mulan went and saved him after all of that happened she found out she was hurt and she fainted they put her in a tent and helped her and then waited outside but then she woke up and the whole crew found out she was a women and they left her alone in the cold because she is a women and she lied she got up after they left and she hopped on to her horse and saw the Huns still alive she quickly ran after Li shang and the crew to tell them that they are still alive but he didn’t believe her until the Huns came,mulan looked at Li Shang helped him and the other crew ,after all the fight that happened the hunters died and mulan got congratulated for saving China and she is now the councillor for the empire and after everyone bowed for her ,she went home to her dad,her dad felt guilty after what he has said her dad hugged and was so proud of her.

And that is how mulan went through a change and with the film techniques“Like a rock,You must be an oak,you must stand firm.cut quick like my blade,think fast unafraid”.

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