Multiple Sclerosis: What Kind of Disease It is and How It Affects Human Body

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It is that time to talk about multiple sclerosis and what it is. What is it and what does it do to the human body and the ones affected by it? Multiple sclerosis is a rare disease it happens to be about 200,000 US cases per year. Multiple sclerosis tends to affect women more than men. So, what is the disease about, the symptoms and treatment.

What is MS? MS is a disease in which the immune system eats away the protective covering of the nerves. It is a disease that affects the central nervous system which is composed of two principal parts, those two parts are the brain and spinal cord. In some way this disease stops the communication between the body and brain. Multiple sclerosis affects every individual differently some people’s symptoms are dormant and still have not experienced anything some have flares of symptoms and others have severe forms of MS. For example, “When myelin or nerve fibers are damaged or destroyed in MS, messages within the CNS are altered or stopped completely”. Since damage has occurred in the central nervous system (CNS) it causes various neurological symptoms. Those symptoms will depend on the person who has multiple sclerosis because it depends on the type of MS and how severe or not the disease is. The damaged areas tend to develop scar tissue that is what gives MS its name because it is basically multiple areas of scarring in the central nervous system. Researchers of the disease do not know what causes it but believe it has to do with something genetic so something that is abnormal in the affected immune system or who knows it can also be something environmental that can possibly trigger the disease.

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The symptoms that people tend to have are endless and may seem “normal” but shouldn’t be ignored because one never knows what it can possible be. The main things people tend to experience are pain, tremors, sensory, urinary, sexual, mood, visual, whole body, muscular and lastly speech. The pains are felt possibly in yours eyes or back. For instance, if you do a sudden movement like a head nod it causes back pain. Tremors in your hands and legs when you do certain movements. Sensory meaning like feeling “stars” on legs or the feeling of pins and needle or reduced sensation. Urinary like leaking during the night or maybe retention or the excessive urge depends on the person. Sexual meaning like men can experience erectile dysfunction. You may experience anxiety or other mood swings as well. Visually you may experience double vision, blurred or vision loss too. The whole-body meaning loss of balance, fatigue vertigo etc. Muscular problems are endless in this case. For example, cramping, involuntary movements or muscle paralysis etc. Lastly, the speech is affected like your speech gets slurred and just have a really hard time talking. Multiple sclerosis is such a body damaging disease that it is unbelievable to me how people can live with it. The symptoms and the severity of them depends on each person.

The treatments that can be done are not a lot but can help. First of all, the main person the person suffering from this disease has to seek is the help of a Neurologist because if they do not how will you get treated. What the neurologist will do is help you get help from other specialist such as speech therapist, physical and occupational therapist and phycologist as well. The treatments consist of immunosuppressants such as steroids to reduce inflammation or a simple anti-inflammatory. Another treatment can be a immunosuppressive drug or chemo too. That is just medication treatment, but one can seek counseling or group/support therapies that maybe beneficial to one’s emotional health which is important.

Overall, I feel like I learned everything that I needed to learn from multiple sclerosis. I learned what it is a disease that affects the body’s central nervous system which is composed of two parts which are the spinal cord and brain. I learnt about all the possible symptoms that depending on the persons severity of the disease it will cause them to experience such as muscle paralysis, cramps and tremors and problems with speech. It is sad to know that they still haven’t found what causes it that there is still no cure for it. What I would tell the public about this topic that is multiple sclerosis is if you feel that it resonates with you and possible things you might me experiencing go get checked because it is better to know than to be unaware of it and suffering. If some people do not have the severe symptoms and have noticed that they get certain symptoms occasionally go, get examined because you never know. Do your research and take care of your body. Your body will let you know when something is wrong so be aware of what it tells you learn to understand it.

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