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Museums in philippines

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Usually when it comes to travelling you probably narrow down your options to beaches or some hill station. But could a place like Philippines be visited to look for the museums there? For few it may be a question as why museums? But Yes! This is the time to go for some time travel. Let your souls unravel the exciting features of past. Get yourself close to the culture of Philippines a bit more. Get to the museums there and be awed with the traditional culture of a south east nation.

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  1. Museum of the Filipino People: this is the government owned museum of Philippines which should be visited when you are at Philippines. It presents to you the ethnic art, culture, ethnology, preserves various traditional crafts. It displays Philippines in one go. It has got artefacts representing their rich and varied heritage. It is located in manila and remains open on all days of the week except on Mondays.
  2. Ayala museum: it is also located in manila, in ayala district of mekati. It has collections which depicts the story of evolution of Philippines. It must be surely interesting to see a country other than our home country to evolve. This is shown with the help of shows various artefacts with the specialities of the locales. Unlike the former one, it is a privately owned museum and so a small amount is charged.
  3. University of santo tomas museum of arts and sciences: Does anything from the antique world awes you? Then this is a place to go. This museum is the oldest museum of the country. It takes you back in the 17th century and presents to you a vivid description of the culture of Philippines. It is located in manila, so connectivity ain’t a problem.
  4. Escolta museum: this is a cultural treat to the history of an interesting city manila. It rewinds the city’s vintage things used back then. Mostly the bottles, boards are in either Spanish or old Tagalog. It lets you tour in the old setting of an elegant city manila.
  5. The mind museum: For the science lovers this one is really a gift. The engaging activities are all curated to soothe the curious minds amongst you. With so many specific activities to dwell in, you will be spoilt for choice. An amazing experience awaits you. Their website could be your friend for more.
  6. Clark Museum: This recently renovated museum weaves a story of its own. With its collection containing scenes from the history, it celebrates the history, culture and brave spirits. It adorns this through four of its galleries. It will tell you how the place called Metro Clark evolved into the way it is today.
  7. Museo Pambata: Way to a family trip? Got kids along? So this is the place whose visit would make your kids fall into love with Philippines. They would be thankful all their life. It is a kids interactive museum to have all the fun they can. With safe and children friendly activities and exhibits, you would once again relive your childhood memories.
  8. Casa gorordo museum, Cebu: When it comes to a stroll, why not to enhance it by visiting this place. It is home turned museum which showcases old and antique furniture, architecture and design that takes you to the country of Spain. With airy and breezy design, it will soothe you making you aware of the cultures of the past.
  9. Pinto art museum: Located in manila, it is surely a wonderful experience for not only the art lovers but also the non-art lovers too. Not every art is developed from the old era, probably the modern, contemporary artists have their appealing factor. This museum gets you just that. Its name signifies the importance of the place and makes one aware of the aesthetics and its importance.
  10. Bencab museum: Ever thought you could appreciate art, art pieces and artists’ ideas while sipping coffee? Well this place brings to you exactly this creative idea. It sprawls over 4 floors, gives you a glimpse of varied art installations, fine architecture and unique designs. This will surely let you be in conversation or a debate over who was the best? Or which was the best piece, sipping coffee and munching snacks on the fourth floor which stages a café.

So, ever planned this way? Where everybody is heading only to beaches, you should get to doing something out of the box at least. Because travel is not only for distressing but a change from your daily routine to appreciate and value the other good things in life!

Get to Philippines, visit the must-visits and also get yourself to one or all of these museums!


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