Music Festival at the Beach


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Do you think that a music festival is interesting? If it is yes, then you know how awesome it is. If it is no, I think you should go to a music festival to get a unique experience. Music works like magic. We all like to listen music. Although it is good to listen music alone, but it feels different when you listen music in a public place with a lot of people. Recently, I experienced it and I am going to share my experience with you. It was my first time, I had gone to the Manzanita Music Festival.

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Manzanita Oregon is one of my favorite places where I love to go for vacation, but this time I went there to experience Oregon music festival. I heard that there is held a music festival in Oregon and I decided to go there. So, I went there with my friends to join in the music festival. I was wondering when I arrived there as everything seemed festive. Manzanita restaurants and the beach looked quite different to me. I felt so excited to see the talented line up they had for the music festival. There were Michael Williams Band with very special guest Tony Coleman, Johnnie Ward, The Urban Shaman, Cascade Rye, Scratchdog String Band, Adams and Costello and many more. They performed very well and made audience satisfied. The famous Fareed Haque was also there with his band The Funk Brothers for a show. He is one of the best guitar virtuoso. I saw his playing on TV, it was the time I was him playing live. His presence made the audience so happy. The venues of the festivals are open and very relaxing. The place was totally perfect for eat, sleep and enjoy music with the fantastic views. The Manzanita restaurants are very reputed for their fresh and delicious food. There are many good restaurants in Manzanita that you should have to visit at least once to taste their food. Every Manzanita goer likes the food of these restaurants. We tried many of them. Even you will like to visit the restaurants again and again because of their yummy tasty food. I can recommend you a few restaurants you must try at least once, if you go to Manzanita.

Left Coast Siesta offers Fresh salsas and guacamole with extra spicy, which is just yummy. Rising Star Café is a famous restaurant offers a special Pasta Night on Thursday. Bread and Ocean Manzanita serves sandwiches, salads, soups, all with fresh ingredients. Kelly’s Brighton Marina is well-known for their fresh seafood. You should have a lunch at Kelly’s Brighton Marina if you love to eat fresh seafood. Besides that you can check another interesting thing that is Manzanita Farmers Market. The vendors offer BBQ, crepes, Mediterranean, Asian food, and much more. Those are enough to please the visitors. Finally, it was a unique experience I have ever had. I really miss those wonderful days I have enjoyed listening music, eating fresh food and watching the beauty of the beach.

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