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According to the Cambridge dictionary (n.d), music is a variety of sounds made by musical instruments or other sources, with the intent of pleasing other people. (Cambridge, n.d.). There are several different categories of music like EDMs, rap music, pop music, e.t.c, however, nowadays there is a lot of viral singers/rappers/e.t.c that are using bad lyrics. We can take an example of “Lil Mosey” in which he stated in his song “Noticed” the lyrics: “I got lean and some forty in my red cup”. This song got 141 million views and 286 million streams on Spotify, which means that there is a percentage of teens listening to this. Particularly because it is rap music, there are a lot of young followers to rap music so a lot of these young kids will probably get encouraged to do these kinds of things in the future. It’s not only in the case of drugs however there are also a lot of sexual lyrics in songs, don’t get me wrong, these lyrics are explicit but the music itself is addicting so people tend to listen to the song. They then like the artist who created this and become influenced, the artists change their perception of the world, maybe in a good way but mostly in a bad way. Only 4 songs of the 279 songs in the top billboard of 2005 (4%) contained explicit anti-use messages, and none portrayed substance refusal. (NCBI.NLM, 2008). This is bad since that means that 275 other songs contain bad words, sexual content, and drug use and they’re the top songs on billboards which means that a lot of these songs are being viewed by teenagers or young children. I strongly believe that explicit music made by popular music artists nowadays are affecting teenagers, because a lot of these songs use graphic lyrics and so these teenagers get influenced by these and so to be cool like the role model they might want to act that way, it is true that some teenagers may resist the temptation of saying these bad words, however, there are a lot of cases such as my friends, where they try to resist but in the end, they still get influenced.

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As we know music is hugely related to music videos, there are various studies that state that has proved that teenagers who watch these music videos that feature violent and sexual content are more likely to behave more hostile to their friends. These videos point out that rappers or other music artists of different genres influence most people who watch or listen to this music. A study in 2003 from the “Emory University” states: that adolescents with high exposure to rap music (i.e.. 14 hours or more per week) were 3 times more likely to hit a teacher and more than 2.5 times as likely to have been arrested, compared with their peers who had less exposure to rap music. (WHSC. Emory, 2003). This summarizes the point that these young teens are becoming more violent and such because of these types of music. This is not only in rap music, but also in hip hop, R&B, and e.t.c.

Other children or teens also like to idolize their music artists, the children think their favorite artists are cool and such to be loved by society this much or something else. Research in 2003 stated: that the society called the influence of the media on the psychosocial development of young people ‘profound’ and the research ‘convincing.’ (NCBI.NLM, 2003). Either way, most artists have their fashion sense and such, this can be proven when Korean artist named G-Dragon wore the Nike Air Vapormax, it sold out in Korea in under a minute! So we know that children, teens, or even adults idolize or we can say copy the artist they like by copying their style or even the way they act sometimes. To put it simply it’s a way to escape from the existential reality that most of the time scares a lot of people, they want to be like them because they’re cool, therefore, copy them. However, most artists nowadays actually smoke blunt or show off drugs like marijuana on their videos or their Instagram stories or feed. This hugely affects the teen since they think it’s cool but those are drugs, serious harm can be inflicted to the teen, only because he wants to do what the artists he idolizes do. Therefore, he will try on drugs or alcohol, but not know how it would affect him and so it’s dangerous, what’s worse is we can already see those things happening. Especially when rap music, music is where most drugs are used appeal to younger people such as teens and more, which makes it more dangerous for these young children.

There are also times where the music is considered sad and depressing, music is a way to escape from reality itself, music help gives true feelings out without the person him/herself speaking out words. For example a breakup with your girlfriend, you listen to something love and sad worthy which this music helps you to cope with the pain you’re dealing with. This is good, however, most of the time, these teenagers sync with the music too often, that they don’t care about their responsibilities at times. One example is homework, they neglect homework because it’s better to listen to music alone, all sad and depressed thinking about life. That’s not good at all, because they might get low academic scores just because they’re listening to depressing music. The teenagers just sync too much with the sad music that they end up leaving in a sorry state which influences these teenagers a lot because of the lyrics, beat of the song, and other things.

In conclusion, music affects teenagers nowadays because they get exposed to explicit lyrics a lot of the time they listen to music. They also idolize their music artists that do drugs and drink alcohol even though it’s bad, they do it just because they’re cool. Sometimes syncing with the music also may change the person’s mindset making them more violent or depressed. I strongly believe this topic has a lot of significance as music is a daily part of our lives and we should be careful about what we listen to. It’s also because some teens are avoiding their parents because of the music, and so we should resolve the community of drug-using people. Teens also may live their lives at the lowest because of drug addiction at a young age just because of music, so we should solve this. This is why it has great significance.  

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