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Clair De Lune Analysis Essay

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Music of Clair de Lune

Clair de Lunes tone was very fluent and reoccurring through out the whole piece. The only thing that had changed was the notes, the notes were changing, but everything was still going smoothly. To write this Clair de Lune essay I actually listened to and enjoyed this piece a whole lot because you can hear how the scale had some high and some low frequencies which had made the piece sound a bit dramatic, it kind of reminded me of something that you would hear in a Broadway musical or music that you hear while eating at a fancy restaurant which can also come out as romantic or even dancing with your significant other. You can also hear the melody with its flowing sequence, it brings a flow that makes you feel like there are butterflies in your stomach.

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The only thing is that I personally do not feel like there was any rhythm to this piece, I say this because yes you can dance to this but only a slow kind of dance. When I think of rhythm I think of hip hop and pop, music you can move to. I feel like the mood of this song can either be both romantic or poetic. There are likenesses and contrasts between impressionism as in workmanship and in music. It isn’t only an artwork or sound on a piano. It is about feelings and articulations about the piece, either in craftsmanship or music shape. They both bring out profound sentiments and temperaments. They both paint a photo and air or scene in the watchers and audience members psyche and soul. Also, they both are as cutting edge. Debussy said that performers ought not be obstructed by tenets and harmonies but rather let the music mix into its own noticeable quality and sound. It challenges conventional guidelines. Moreover, aesthetic development paints the visual articulation or picture and his thoughts regarding life while the development in music shows his feelings and emotions about it.

Clair de Lune speaks to both Dionysian and Apollonian. This bit of music is composed with profound and genuine examination and information by the writer. He does it with culminate exactness and awesome structure and piece. It pulls in the astute individuals and difficulties awesome artists ever. It conveys the group of onlookers to a peaceful place to ponder life and reason. It additionally brings out profound passionate emotions and sentiments. It stimulates the great recollections and encounters when the piece is played. It is extremely colorful, sentimental, and delighted. It makes individuals want consider life, and even make you want to slow dance with your significant other, and that is the pith of both Apollonian and Dionysian all together.

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