My Achievements in College and Why I Want to Run for Student Council

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College is important to me because it is an opportunity that can lead me towards the path of success. Having my path trampled on before they could fully flourish is not something I would enjoy. It would only lead me towards the path of frustration. It is already a competitive world for high school students, and I would like to enjoy the possible golden future that I can have by attending college. For example, I have to be prepared with a high standard of knowledge. One of my personal achievement is maintaining good grades while being in the honor program. I like to plan ahead and have already set my mind on a career that I am determined to work in. I know that in order to fulfill my goals and dreams, I will need to go to college.

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My educational goal involves in obtaining any degree in the health science or biology field to help me obtain a medical career as a pediatrician. I grew up in a household where I would always have to babysit my little cousins because it was easier than getting a babysitter. I always enjoyed being around little kids because they are usually very honest and playful. However, they can seem like wounded angels due to different types of sickness. Unfortunately, they are not able to help themselves when they are sick. Due to that, I want to become a pediatrician in order to help them.

My personal goal is to grow beyond my comfort zone which is also an obstacle that may slow me down. In order to achieve my goal, I will need to overcome problems and uncertainty. An example of how I overcame uncertainty is being a representative in student council. At first, I did not know if I wanted to be in student council because I knew it was beyond my comfort zone to participate in something that I had no friends in. However, what I did not expect was that student council has significantly influenced my life which allowed me to make new friends and develop leadership skills. I got to experience new things which allowed me to push myself out of my comfort zone. For example, coming up with ideas and contributing to school spirit and the community welfare. Student council was something I was uncertain about however, it became something that helped me with my obstacle without even realizing.

By participating in the ACE program, it will help me with my plans by giving me a head start in attaining all the goals that I wish to achieve. By providing me a head start on the college experience will help my educational goal to finish sooner. This will also help my personal goal since the transition from high school to college begins early. I will be able to get used to college than just immediately going. If I am able to do the ACE program, I will be able to save money on tuition which would be a great help. The ACE program will be a stepping stone that will help me reach to greater heights. 

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