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My Adventures from Canada to Mexico

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The excitement rises in me as we arrive at the airport in the middle of the afternoon. The cold air nips at my lips after each breath. After we get inside, the chatter erupts and it’s a scramble to get around to the right terminal. We get through customs with lots of time before our plane arrives. I glance outside and see the snow falling harder than when we got there. When the plane finally gets to the airport, we get on board and make our way to Mexico. After a 4 hour flight, we finally arrive in Mexico. I’m instantly hit with a big wave of humidity. The air is denser than the air in Canada and it feels as though there is a big weight attached to me. I am exhausted as it is past midnight now and nearing 1 am. After a 10 minute car ride, we arrive at the resort we are staying at. We are greeted by a couple people at the resort and they take our bags to our room. Excited about this new adventure, we wander around the resort to get to know it a little better. Around 2 am, we head to bed and see what awaits us on this new journey. We wake up and are greeted by the brightness and heat of the sun. We get ready and head down to the restaurant to eat breakfast. I eat a bunch of exotic foods that I have never seen before, with each bite igniting my taste buds. We head back to our hotel room and grab our bathing suits and head to the beach. After a short walk, we hear the waves splashing up against the shore. We grab a few chairs on the beach and let the sun soak in. Around lunchtime, we decide that we are going to go snorkeling out in the water. We look into the water and are astonished to see all the different kinds of fish and the beautiful coral scenery. About 100 meters away from the beach are the docks were all the cruise ships are. Some of the biggest cruise ships in the world pulled in and out of the docs every day. We head to the pool which is just beside the beach. I swim the length of the pool and realize there is an iguana casually lying there. The pool water is cold and brings back memories of the cold climate before we left. For dinner, we head back to the buffet and dine on the delicious flavors of the Mexican cuisine.

A couple of days later, my family and I decide to trek 30 minutes to the shopping center in the heart of Cozumel. We get to see the beautiful shoreline on one side of the road and the thick green forest on the other. The sun is scorching hot and we are quickly drained of energy. The salesmen are nice as we walk by the different stores and shops. The culture is astounding which opens my mind to the beauty of the world. After shopping, we take a cab back to the resort, not being able to handle the sun anymore. When we get back to the resort, we head back to the beach for the rest of the day. I hear one of the cruise ships’ horns as it pulls out of the docs. My sister and I head over to the ice cream shop located at the resort. The ice cream is soft and the flavors energize my senses. When we get back, we scavenge the beach for interesting looking shells and stones. We are able to find some shells that are shiny and almost as smooth as silk. We decide to go to an Italian restaurant that is in the resort for our dinner. The restaurant is full of salads, pasta and so many more great dinner items.

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In the early hours of the night, we head out to the theatre where there is a traditional Mexican performance. The masks and fire create an unforgettable show. There is also a casino like even that is happening on this night and we decide to check it out. The atmosphere is full of joy and excitement as people risk their fake money given to play with.

The next day, we awake to the sound of rain on the balcony outside. The rain makes me sad, our trip being so short and the hold in our plans we had for the day. We head to the lobby after breakfast and decide to play cards for a little while. We make new friends and talk to them for part of the day. The sky clears up later in the day and we go to the bar to get some drinks. There are these slushes that are exhilarating and Shirley temples that are out of this world.

On our last day, we take in the beauty for one last time and try to capture the beauty of Mexico for memories that will last a lifetime. We are able to go back to the beach for the day because of our late flight. I feel the hot sand on my feet and take as many pictures as I can before we have to go. Before we get ready to leave, we see one of the cruise ships and soon realize that it is one of the biggest in the world. My sister and I head to the top floor of our hotel and take pictures of the breathtaking landscape below.

Not excited to leave, we take our last shower and head back to the airport to head back to Canada. When we get there though, we get word that our flight has been delayed due to the weather conditions back in Toronto. It’s almost as though we can’t let go. We realize that it may be a while and buckle down for a long ride. Around 10 pm, we finally hit the runway as I take my last breath in Mexico.

When we get back to Toronto, we are face to face with the cold harsh weather conditions of Canada again and reality hits that our adventure had come to an end. Exhausted now, we say goodbye one last time to our new Canadian friends that we made while on vacation and all go our separate ways. The cold makes me miss the hot sun, even though it may have burned my skin red the past week. I remember how lucky we were to have gotten to travel to a different part of the world and embrace the different culture.

Canada is a great place to be with the vibrant colors of spring and the white landscape in the winter, but there is so much more in the world to discover. I reflect on the sleepless car ride home and try to make the most of our trip now that we are back home. I learned that every culture is different and that we need to embrace it as much as we can because when it’s over, we can’t just relive the moments on repeat.


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