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My Ambitions To Become A Successful Doctor

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When my grandmother fractured her hip joint, it was a life changing event for me because not only did I experience many emotions but I was fascinated in the medical side of her treatment. She had hip arthroplasty followed by intense physiotherapy across several weeks. It was a complex case because she suffers from comorbidities which made it challenging. The team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists adopted a holistic approach to bring her back to her baseline. I am fascinated by the rheumatological field as my grandmother and mother suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and my dad works as a Rheumatologist. Furthermore, medicine has abundant research opportunities that make me passionate to study it for example ‘should boys be given the HPV vaccination?’

Whilst shadowing a GP, I noticed that the caring nature of a multidisciplinary team receives perpetual gratitude. The doctor saw a patient who was tearful whilst sharing her feelings, she was given time, empathy and offered comfort by the doctor and nursing staff until she settled down. I have learnt how to be caring and patient through mentoring students in improving their English skills. Occasionally, I found this challenging but it really improved my patience. The patient’s intense appreciation towards the team struck me and similarly, mentoring students feels very rewarding. To contrast other healthcare systems to the NHS, I shadowed urologists in India where I saw a lithotripsy procedure. I noticed the determination and passion from the doctors and this mirrors my own to study medicine. There was a great difference in the hygiene as well as the facilities offered to the patients, however, the doctors were very respectful and supportive.

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At St. Georges Hospital, I was taken on ward rounds and I sat in on a variety of clinics. I observed a colonoscopy procedure where the doctors consistently encountered with complications but due to the good communication and team work skills, the complications were quickly resolved as they arose. I have developed these skills through large projects I have independently arranged like the School Prom and by volunteering at the library and at a charity shop where I interacted with many difficult people.

All of the above demonstrate my great interpersonal skills and passion which are crucial skills in patient-doctor interaction.

I broaden my scientific understanding by reading books like ‘The Selfish Gene’ which was written by Richard Dawkins about the evolution of genes. I really enjoyed this book because I learnt about new principles regarding genes like fake altruism. This is when an individual does a task for the benefit of themselves whilst pretending it is for the benefit of others.

As my father is a doctor, I have gained a close insight into the medical life and learned about the challenges which it may entail. I participated in many extra-curricular activities such as archery and horse riding which demonstrate my proactive nature and balanced life style. I have taken part in the DoE which helped to improve my communication, team work and leadership skills. There were many occasions where we were lost and my team members were being difficult but I calmly addressed the situation. I was selected as a ‘young ambassador of London’ because of my respectful and sensible nature to represent the school. My good time management skills help me to balance my academics and non- academic activities. I achieved a scientific Crest award where I had to make a toothpaste from scratch which kept my enthusiasm at its peak. My approachable nature gave me an opportunity to be a perfect for two years where I learnt how to support fellow students. Currently, I am a member of the sixth form committee and an English and Psychology mentor.

All the roles I undertake show that I am a responsible and trustworthy person. I believe I possess the qualities required to be a successful doctor. This is an opportunity to reach my ambitions and return the care I have been given.


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