My Aspiration to Become Foot Health Practitioner


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My aspiration to study the lower limb began during the time I worked as a Care Assistant in care homes. I noticed residents’ feet were never cared for, often left in a terrible condition with very dry skin, thick and overgrown toenails, had corns, athlete’s foot and improper footwear making them painful and hard to walk on. This drove me to study for a diploma in Foot Health to gain a better understanding of feet. However, it is my experience working as a locum Foot Health Practitioner and on the Endocrine ward that has strongly motivated me to study Podiatry. I believe studying a Podiatry degree will intensify my competence in foot medicine. I have awareness of Podiatry being a 3-year’s degree that teaches its students a variety of foot treatments and lower limb disorders. Podiatry will offer me the chance to work with other healthcare professionals and patients with diverse podiatric problems. Learning independently with has boosted my confidence and self-motivation by setting inner objectives to achieve my desired outcome. It has taught me to be responsible without being supervised, carry out my own research and find information independently.

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Working on a Hematology and Endocrine ward, I have encountered diabetic patients with acute foot problems. This has given me the chance to work alongside a Podiatrist asking her several questions about the course to better my knowledge of the Podiatry profession. My clinical skills were further enhanced when I shadowed Podiatrists within various clinical settings at St. Leonard’s and Homerton University Hospital Foot Clinics. I observed an ingrown toenail surgery. I also learnt that working together for patients is a vital skill governing the delivery of services within the NHS and other organizations providing health services.

Additionally, my position as a locum Practitioner can be challenging but very rewarding when faced with unfamiliar foot disorders that are affecting a patient’s quality of life. This has motivated me to learn new information and skills independently, and attend annual Continual Professional Development Programs, a demonstration of responsibility, empathy and compassion, patient and assertiveness.

Working as an Auxiliary nurse for the NHS, I have acquired abilities needed to be a good team player, independent worker, manage time, organized and self- motivated with good communication whilst maintaining a positive attitude, skills to help me succeed at university. I will utilize all accessible support.

Learning independently and self-motivation have enhanced my academic thinking and reasoning in preparation for University. Good listening skills, team working and good communication abilities will benefit me during group learning. Independent working demonstrates I can learn and work on my own whilst seeking help when needed, use my own initiative in order to persevere showing responsibility, compassion, competence and dedication to the profession. I believe my academic study and work experience will give me a firm foundation on which to study and be a great contribution to the University. I believe I do have the abilities, experience and present the right values and behavior needed to study a Podiatry degree, hence insight into what I want to accomplish in the long term. I spend my leisure time with my family and friends, listening to music, walks to stimulate my physical and mental state, reading and occasional celebrations with co-workers.

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