Why I Want to Be a Software Engineer

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Why I Want to Be a Software Engineer

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In a small brick house, living with fish, the cacophony of dogs barks around the neighborhood, and my small chaotic family that brings nothing but joy in the household. Hanging out with my family is the purest way of loving each other, going out to eat, hang in amusement park but the best of all is having deep conversations with my Father. Having conversations with him makes me open my eyes and expand my mind what the world is evolving to. Talking about the future he said “Think about it, the world is going to be nothing but technology in the next few years” and “why do you want to be a software engineer” question has been stuck with me to this day.

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One word to describe my childhood is technology. My house was surrounded by electronic devices. There were video games, television, computers, laptops and phones. I would spend a lot of time on each and every device, and that would explain my love for technologies. My dad, the computer geek, is a curious guy who would spend hours in the computer to create and learn how to create video games. With my familiarity with technologies, I plan to pursue and study software development and become a software engineer. It’s the connection I have with my family and more importantly with my father.

My Father is my inspiration. He has instilled in me hard-working ethics which make me determined to study software developing, to show him how he has influenced me to pursue it. Growing up, my father taught me many valuable lessons specifically to never give up and do what makes me happy. These simple but much meaning lesson have shaped me as the teen I am today. That’s the answer to the question: Why do I want to be a software engineer?

My Father is the epitome of motivation. Seeing him have a heavy job, coming tired from work to take care of his family while still learning how to code instruct me if I really want to learn there is no obstacle that will prevent me to learn.. Pursuing this career will build a strong relationship for my dad and I as to ask question or help each other out and process new information, and I am so excited for him to teach me what he knows and share his tips with me.

My aspirations will get me to have a career as a software engineer. I want to learn how to program codes. Joining online programs or looking at videos is a great way to start off. Taking my time out of the day to learn what I need to do in order to achieve it. Being a software engineer is much more than doing codes,, it takes a lot of creativity to make the magic works as wellas problem-solving skills. You get to discover ways to create new systems and make solution at the same time discovering new techs. Every Device is programmed with codes for it to be able to work. Robots, Video Games, Websites, softwares, mobile apps as well as machines. According to Forbes magazine, it states software developing are one of the future jobs followinga registered nurse. The future is technology. Every career will depend on it and technology will be more advanced. Modern technology has so many benefits as for helping teachers monitoring work for their students, a doctor using CAT scan or X rays and machines to check up on patience, accountants to keep and count money and especially infants. It was reported kids learn more with technology with readiness and writing, counting, developing talents, learning a new language and improving interacting skills. Technology is what we need to keeps jobs moving forward. Without it the world will be different.

To sum up everything that has been stated, I thank my dad to be a big influence on me. Without him I would have never come across in pursuing to be a software developer as my career. The earth is evolving rapidly with new technology and humans will open their eyes and see what the earth will become. I am very optimistic about the future. Knowing technology will improve and will have new inventions.

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