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I am intrigued by how a range of scientific techniques are used within the legal system and how those methods prove and/or disprove theories. I expect, like many, I was drawn specifically toward forensic science after watching TV programs and documentaries. Though I am aware, despite being made to look real, these programs can add drama that isn’t accurate.

The area I am specifically drawn toward is the collection and analysis of trace evidence. I have always had a keen interest in the sciences and mathematics, particularly how they relate to and can be linked with each other. I am naturally driven and a dependable team player, I can also work in a proactive and logical manner when working independently. In difficult situations I’m calm and respectful but can also be assertive, if required, to diffuse the situation well. All these qualities will be incredibly useful in any circumstances, whether it be at tough crime scenes or when giving evidence in court.

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I am currently studying an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Science, as well as a Mathematics A-Level. During my current access course, I will begin studying a range of biological sciences subjects, including cell biology, the human musculoskeletal system and human immunity. I will also begin studying chemistry topics such as atomic structure and radioactivity, as well as medical physics. I am developing referencing and essay writing skills within the study skills aspect of the course. As I progress with my learning and academic development, this will prepare me for the rewards and inevitable challenges that come with life at university. I am also determined to be and do the best I possibly can.

I have temporarily worked in a legal office where I assisted the secretary by taking telephone calls, messages. During one of the calls, I encountered a client who became very irritated and angry, but I remained calm and ultimately diffused the situation. I hope this shows my ability to stay composed even in difficult and unexpected circumstances. I also typed letters as dictated by the solicitor(s) and made amendments to a will as directed. All this experience will highlight my communication and organizational abilities.

I’m now classed as a mature student, so it would be expected that I would have a significant amount of work experience, however following my secondary school study I was diagnosed with epilepsy. This has prevented me from continuing with my studies. Although I have not been in employment, I have continued to expand my knowledge through reading books, as well as completing short online courses. Now I am managing my epilepsy well, I have resumed studies and am hoping this will be the start of a new road. I think I have gained a lot from this experience, I’ve overcome a lot of criticism from people around me and am determined to prove that, despite the setbacks, I can achieve the same as I would have a few years ago.

I will be the second in my family to attend university, my aunt studied law, also as a mature student. Although there isn’t much data about what forensic evidence is collected at crime scenes, it is thought to be used significantly in crimes like murder, although less so in cases of burglary, theft etc. As the use of forensic science has increased in aiding criminal investigations, the employability opportunities within the field has also increased. Independent laboratories have been set up or have expanded since the closure of the Forensic Science Service in 2012. Police forces are also setting up their own in-house forensic laboratories. These have all increased the job opportunities within forensic science.

I would like to work my way up the career ladder and ultimately, work within the legal system to provide scientifically sound evidence that will solve criminal cases, bring criminals to justice and achieve closure for victims and their families. I am also bearing in mind the possibility of further study after my undergraduate degree.

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