My Aspiration to Study Medicine


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Neither innate nor sudden, my aspiration to study medicine followed much consideration into my suitability and potential. From a passion for science and inspiring experiences with people, a vocation blossomed. As such, I am enthused by the prospect of benefiting people’s lives combined with continual learning. Intrinsically curious, I love to discover the wonders around me; thus, I was intrigued to attend dissection club where my appreciation grew for the intricacies of organisms beyond the specification.

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Compelled to learn more, I undertook fascinating MOOCs into disease and malfunction which paved the way to my engagement in a series of riveting medical lectures into dementia, transplants, HIV, prescribing and dermatology. The variety of clinicians left me in awe of their achievements and eager to study the many branches of medicine. Fortunate enough to shadow a urologist for a week, I was joyous to assist in clinic and with junior doctors, perform ultrasounds and observe biopsies and endoscopies. The intimate nature of the latter exemplified dignity and respect as paramount, as well as the trust in confidentiality and the patient-doctor relationship. I was struck by the reassurance the urologist bestowed upon patients, and her communication offered valuable insight into broaching sensitive issues with professionalism. The week enlightened me to the additionally important demands upon doctors beyond clinic; meetings and admin which I see as being crucial for advancing patient care. The clinical exposure and the doctors’ tenacity through long hours, extensive paperwork and complex cases have only spurred my commitment to the dynamic challenges of medicine.

Keen to immerse myself in a non-clinical setting, I volunteered for a week in a care home where I learned the value of compassion, patience, and empathy. Although harrowing, the death of two residents and the deterioration of their friends illustrated the astounding resilience of the carers; a quality I wish to emulate. Despite this shock at the start of my visit, it was deeply rewarding to see the other residents enliven after simple chats which highlighted the profound impact one can have on another’s life. Our moments of conviviality as I helped with teas and organized physio and themed nights illuminated the need for people to feel truly understood, whilst their speech and hearing difficulties propelled my oral and aural communication. The weight of a doctor’s judgment was apparent when a GP decided whether or not to risk a lady’s survival by moving her to hospital. The case revealed the limits of medicine, but the GP’s holistic manner and optimism were admirable, highlighting how emotional needs are no less important than physical ones. Such inspirational figures have affirmed my yearning for a people-centered profession.

A nine-year dedication to Guiding preceded the achievement of my Baden Powell Award and my role as a young leader. Here, organizing trips and teaching life skills enhanced my confidence and leadership skills which were reinforced by my participation in productions with drama club. I have utilized both qualities during in-class support at school for children with additional needs. Although challenging, it was wondrous to help the children evolve; which I hope to mirror in patient progression.

Following my Life Support and AED training, my desire to aid patient’s recovery has strengthened. I have thoroughly enjoyed conversing with an eclectic mix of people as a waitress and for seven months in a charity shop. In both roles, I have thrived under the pressure of meeting targets, while developing my resilience, teamwork and interpersonal skills. This dual commitment demonstrates my time management and organization. Between cooking and reading, I reap the benefits of running and yoga and the balance they add to my life. With my motivation, diligence and humanity, I am devoted to a successful medical career in which patients and myself can flourish.

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