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My Attitude Towards Valentine’s Day

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Be my Valentine

Be my valentine… please. Everybody wants a valentine on Valentine’s day. People exchange cards and gifts to loved ones in show of their affection. Valentine’s day dates back all the way to third century Rome. Saint Valentine was a priest for emperor Claudius II. Claudius believed that a single man made a better soldier because he didn’t have to worry about a wife and kids, so he outlawed marriage in the roman empire. Valentine didn’t believe in this law and continued to perform secret marriages for young couples. He was eventually found out and beheaded. But that isn’t the important part. What is important is to celebrate what valentine stood for… love. We can celebrate this by being valentines! I have some very convincing reasons as to why you should be my valentine, i’m a very thoughtful individual and am very good at gift giving, and I also i love to travel and go to interesting places.

My sister has always shared my love for music. We listen to the same songs and follow the same artists. One year I wanted to get her a special gift for her birthday and so i got her some concert tickets to her favorite band, Wild Child. This just shows how thoughtful I am when it comes to gift giving and if you were to be my valentine I could guarantee that a wonderful gift would be coming your way. My thoughtfulness also applies to note cards. I have made my grandma cry on multiple occasions because of my terrific cards.

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If you were to be my valentine i would take you on an amazing valentine’s day trip. I love to travel and would take my valentine to some of the places I have always wanted to go to, including some very romantic sights. I would love to go to Paris and see the eiffel tower but Belgium is much quieter and I have always wanted to try Belgian waffles straight from Belgium. Another trip I would love to take with my valentine would be to Ecuador. I would love to experience the south american culture and there are some really amazing sights in Ecuador. There is the world’s largest swing on top of a mountain and some animals native only to Ecuador on the Galapagos islands.

Some may say that I am too busy to spend real quality time with my valentine. They may say that I spend too much time volunteering and training for the Olympics. However, nothing is more important to me then Valentine’s day. I spend all year waiting in anticipation for Valentine’s day and I am constantly searching for a valentine.

Please be my valentine. You will not regret it. Saint valentin would have wanted for us to be valentines. I am a very thoughtful gift giver and note writer, I love to take trips with my valentine, and most of all, I love Valentine’s day.


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