My Creative View on Ideal Bedroom

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My Creative View on Ideal Bedroom

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Bedroom for me is a space that represent and describe a persons personality. It can be of a modern design, plainor minimalist room, it can be full of color and different patterns, or have very bold statement pieces. Bedroom isthe space where some find it as their safe place. It is not just about the comfort it gives us but rather the happinessthat we feel whenever we are in our own space. Most of us have our ideal bedroom. Some may have turned it intoa reality but others like me still counts on posibilities of making my dream space into a reality.

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My ideal bedroomis a refection of myself and what I like best.When I see different bedroom designs on social media I immediately create a picture in my head on how I wouldlike my ideal bedroom to be.For my bedroom I like my walls to be painted ash black and pastel pink colors to havea beautiful accent walls since it is very clean and sophisticated color. For my bed I want it to be queen size,andfluffy as well. I want a huge pillows and both my bed sheets and pillows will be ivory in color. And I want myheadboard to have a diamond patern.

There will be a lamp both sides of the bed that is identical in shape and sizeand it will be ash black in color. I want my room to have glass windows from floor to ceiling to take advantage ofthe wonderful views and so that the sunlight can get into the room. For the curtains it will have a simple patternwith soft colors so that it will not be messy to look at. And the curtains will be floor to ceiling as weel to make theroom feel larger. I like my room have a huge desk with several drawers. And a huge tv for entertainment.

I like mybedroom to have a clean and modern design bathroom. The fllor and the wall will be white tiles.My vanity will beash black in color to match the bedroom walls and countertop will be white marble. and white rounded sink. Anda big mirror to make the place look bigger. Since I want a clean modern look for my bathroom I want my toiletbowl and bath tub to be in modern style and is also white in color. My bedroom is not complete without a bigbalcony where there will be comfortable sofas that is tulip red in color and a small coffee table to be able to relaxand enjoy the view.

A bedroom is a place where we feel free to be us without everyone judging. It is a place where we can be ascomfortable as we want. And a space where we sometimes forget all our worries or sometimes our safest place tolet out our emotions. Sometimes it is not bad a idea to be alone especially when we are on our own safe place. Myideal bedroom is a reflection of my personality as a person and incorporate what I like most in creating the space.Having an ideal bedroom is somehow relevant for a person like me to strive hard in making our dream of havingan ideal space of our own into a reality.

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