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Throughout our lives we achieve a lot of things, big or small, irrespective of their value to others. During different points of our lives, we consider different achievements and goals our priced possession, it depends how it affects our day-to-day lives at that time. To give a simple example, a JEE aspirant’s goal in life is to study in the renowned Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and if he succeeds in doing so, it will become his biggest achievement but not for long. As the time passes, he would want to move a step further, to be at the top of the renowned college. And just like that, his aim and achievement will keep shifting to a step further as he would achieve his current goal. It is because that’s how we humans are, we always desire more.

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Similar to any other person, I also had different goals and achievements at different points in life but yes there is something that I consider as my biggest triumph to date, it is not some materialistic possession but rather an elusive trait, the ability to take a challenge head on and to remain determined towards it. For me, the ability to do so is the most important quality that a man can inherit. If one has this quirk then he can achieve any other goal in his life without worrying about his past mistakes. When I look back on my life, I definitely lacked it until a year ago, when I decided to go for the drop year preparation. Till my board’s final exam, I used to have procrastinating approach towards my goal. Like any other PCM student, I was preparing for both Joint Entrance Exam and 12th final exams. During that time I used to study only NCERT books because as school teachers said, more than half of the JEE paper comes from NCERT books. But that statement was only a scapegoat that I was using to reassure myself that I was giving my full time and effort.

The main reason I was not giving my time for the entrance preparation was because I tried to solve some high level questions and they were tough enough to break my confidence. To avoid facing them, I used to think that I should prepare for my class exams first. But the deciding moment came in my life when I did well in board’s exams but performed poorly in JEE. Now was the time to take a life changing decision, should I wait a year and prepare for the entrance again or should I go to any average college. I was still not determined to face the challenge and was even more afraid of what would happen if I fail? I would lose one precious year and would still go to the same college I am offered right now. This kept me up for many nights, until I finally made up my mind. I came to the conclusion, what’s the worst that could happen? I would be part of the college that am currently being offered, I won’t go lower than that.

This made me realise that I was already at the rock bottom, and best thing about being there is that you can only go up. So, from next day I joined the nearby coaching centre and started preparing again for the entrance. It was very difficult at the beginning, but my brand new steel armoured will was already ready to take up the fight. I gave my all, prepared for a year and gave the exam again, I didn’t achieve what I wanted but I was rewarded with something that I never even discovered. And this, the very attribute that I was rewarded with, is my prized possession and my biggest achievement in the life.

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