My Bucket List: Becoming Successful

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Master's Degree
  • Going to Europe
  • Skydiving
  • Becoming a CEO
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited


When creating a bucket list it can get scary and time consuming to decide what they want to do before this life is over. The bucket list is the number of items you want to experience or achieve before dying. Everyone have a desire and passion in what they want do and how they want to do it like Doctorate, Physician or Engineer; the list is endless but the possibilities are not.

Master’s Degree

Master’s degree gives the option to the holder to have flexible framework and institutions thats fits him/her the best (Colleen Flaherty). Going into the higher education not only helps the person, it also helps the World to grow in smarter and efficient way. According to Bureau of Labor Master’s degree holders gets at least 15 percent boost in their salary (“What is Master’s degree). Master’s degree can be earned in 2-3 years and after than I don’t have to worry about my job and my salary.

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Going to Europe

There are many beautiful places to visit in World and visiting all of them in normal life span is not possible. I think the best place to visit would Europe because it is a Mediterranean countries, with the combination of alluring sunshine, beaches, historical monuments and scenery (Windley, Brian Frederick, et al.). Europe is perfect for visiting because it has good weather all the time; approximately 480 million visit Europe each year (“Europe”). Visiting Europe is a lifetime experience because all the memories you will create there can’t be forgotten.


There’s nothing better than falling from 13,000 feet high to ground. The jump is only 60 seconds of free fall and the best 60 seconds of the jumpers life (Brian Marshall). That minute makes you feel alive. Skydiving is a amazing journey from sky to ground and this journey tells the value of time. The whole process of free falling is called skydiving (“About Skydiving”). Skydiving involves a lot of risk to get injured or even die if the parachute fail to open. But if everything goes well; I will lose the fear of dying.

Becoming a CEO

Becoming a CEO of a company is like getting a dream come true. The CEO have a lot of responsibility and work stress because they are responsible for all the problem the company faces. The CEO position is not given, it has to be earned by hard work and dedication. Only 27 percent of people who study engineering or science becomes CEO of a company (Stadler, Christian). People doing business mostly end up becoming a CEO because they are the people who start their own companies as a small business and when they get successful they convert their small business into a companies or sometimes even a industry. All the CEOs have at least a bachelor’s degree in a specific area (“How to become a CEO). CEOs are the face of their companies and all there decisions and actions can affect the company.


Many people make a lot of money for themselves or their family but are they successful. Successful is not a location or a destination it’s a Mindset that can achieve by completing the goals (“How to be Successful”).The biggest reason for not being successful is the fear of failing but if we concur that fear we can be most successful on the Earth and no one can stop us. To be successful everyone should pick the goals that they think are important that other goals and put more energy on those goals (Mayberry, Matt). Everyone can be successful in there life if they achieve at least 50 percent of their goals.

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