My Bucket List: Places I Want to Visit

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My Bucket List: Places I Want to Visit

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  • Introduction
  • Tromso, Norway
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Atacama Desert, Chile


As a child, my family was always moving due to my father’s work. I have had many experiences early in life and have been places that some may cross off their own bucket lists. As I sit in my high school seat, I write my bucket list and fill it with the places and things I want to do or see before I inevitably kick the bucket. Anything can happen once it is on the list, events or places can even be crossed off as well as be replaced. I have narrowed down three places that I would want to visit before my time is up. Each trip is planned out with expenses, transportation, and where I would be staying. The first destination is Tromso, Norway to see the northern lights which is nature’s greatest light show. Secondly, I would be aiming for Seoul, South Korea to enjoy the culture along with going to Lotte World which is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. Lastly comes Atacama Desert in Chile which contains some of the most beautiful natural wonders nature can offer, all in one place.

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Tromso, Norway

Norway is the first place of travel specifically to see the Northern Lights. A round trip flight from Phoenix to Tromso, Norway is approximately eight hundred dollars with two stops by American Airlines. Winters are cold and so are summer days so be sure to pack heavy sets and pick out layers of clothing. To get a better chance of seeing the luminous and iridescent lights it is recommended that one stays at least a week consequently, it wouldn’t be cheap. Tromso is in the center of the aurora zone so it is a prime area to see nature’s greatest light show. November through March is said to be the best time to visit and even some hotels during that time have an aurora wake up service so you do not miss out. A trip of this sort can be expensive hence the extent of my four day stay. Smarthotel Tromso is where I would stay which holds a cost of $555 for the four days. The hotel is rated high by single travelers and it is located conveniently with three airports fairly close, English is also spoken but they do not accept cash only card. From the magazine called “Chasing the Aurora Borealis” multiple writers come together to give advice on how to prepare yourself. The magazine says how the traveler should bring a good camera, one that is able to take long exposure shots along with the warmest clothes, and possibly getting a rental car. If a rental car is not an option then this travel book “Northern Lights 2015-2016” has the answers with good tours. On page twenty several tours that are available are listed. For this specific Northern Light safari a guide will be provided along with a few other benefits of having your picture professionally taken, a thermal suit, hot drinks and more for 6000 NOK which translates to $705.16 per car.

Seoul, South Korea

Secondly comes South Korea, a nine hundred dollar flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles then finally to South Korea. In Korea a traveler is able to stay up to ninety days without a visa. Larger cities accept our currency (dollar). Spring is the best time to visit because it is not nearly as busy as summer and the trains would not be packed. Trains are the best form of transportation in Seoul. Korea enjoys the western culture of the United States so English is lightly spoken nearly everywhere. Seoul also has a large indoor amusement park called Lotte World. Stay for about a week. Street food is another thing South Korea is known for and its not only cheap but some may argue it is better than restaurants. However, before you eat you need to know the etiquette on how to properly eat because they mostly use chopsticks. With the help of travel packages a round trip flight including three nights in a hotel will cost $2,202.75. From the airport to the great Lotte World it is only one hour and six minutes if you take a cab. Cabs in Korea are different, there is such thing as a “black cab” where the price you owe is always high. Lotte World is open every day, year-round with all sorts of fun activities amusement parks have. Lotte world one-ups the others because it has ice skating, an aquarium, and rides you would see at the fair, although, it does not just stop there.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Lastly is Chile, the Atacama Desert. Fly into Santiago, Chile by catching a connecting flight and an additional ten hour drive to points of interest. The round trip tickets would cost $1824 with one stop during the flight. Bring a lot of water and comfortable clothes for the versatile weather, along with money because ATMs there can run out of money and charge large fees. This trip can be very expensive so a week stay should be enough to experience some of the glories of Chile. Author Isobel King explains how booking things such as tours and hotels in advance is not needed. She also gives the advice of thoroughly researching all the tours and where they go along with places you would want to see for yourself. In Chile it would behoove the traveler if they would brush up on some simple Spanish beforehand. King describes how even the simplest phrases could help you tremendously and she also explains how it would benefit you if tours were bought in a bundle, that way you can get discounts. To travel through the desert without any issues it is recommended that you visit Atacama between the months of November to April because that is when the weather is nice and prices are low. Author of “Chile’s Atacama Desert: Book Tours Carefully” Karen Schwartz says that although you are paying a small fortune for the trip along with tour expenses, tour guides can be rather unprofessional and will not show up to certain stops. Deserts have beautiful sunsets but Atacama is known for having one of the most scintillating, and fascinating sunsets in the world, and after the sky has gone dark Atacama offers its visitors an expansive sky to stargaze.

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